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MAL for Serbian

Recently I came across this great site called MAL (Master Any Language) with flash cards, games and lists of words in Serbian and English. It is obviously in an early phase, and there are a few mistakes, which really made me laugh. For instance, for the word 'train' we use 'voz', never 'komora' or for 'hot' we say 'vruć' not 'gorući', and for the part of the body called 'calf', we use 'list', never 'batak' (this is used for poultry or for women's legs in sleng, usu. in Pl 'koji bataci', but this is not suitable translation for a flash card at an official language learning site) :o) Nevertheless, I am sure these mistakes will be corrected.

"noga" or "list" not "batak"!

Clothes in Serbian 2

Part two combines asking questions from part no. 1 (gde je / gde su) with answers (ona je u + ormanU (suffix '-u' for masc. nouns denotes the locative case). Take a look at the example examples:

1. CIPELE (Fem - Pl)
a. Gde su cipele? (Where are the shoes)
b. One su u ormanu. (They are in the cupboard)

2. KUPAĆI KOSTIM (Masc. - Sg)
a. Gde je kupaći kostim?
b. On je u ormanu.

5. ODELO (Neuter - Sg)
a. Gde je odelo?
b. Ono je u ormanu.

Now you can continue:

3. JAKNA (Fem - Sg)
4. CIPELE (Fem - Pl)
5. ODELO (Neut - Sg)
6. ŠAL (Masc - Sg)
7. HALJINA (Fem - Sg)
8 / 10. GAĆE (Fem - Pl)
9. POTKOŠULJA (Fem - Sg)
11. RUKAVICE (Fem - Pl)
12. ŠORC (Masc - Sg)
13. ČARAPE (Fem - Pl)
14. ČIZME (Fem - Pl)
15. PRSLUK (Masc - Sg)

Sg Masculine (he) ON
Sg Feminine (she) ONA
Sg Neuter (it) ONO
Pl Masculine (they) ONI
Pl Feminine (they) ONE
Pl Neuter (they) ONA

Personal Pronouns in Serbian

Personal pronouns in SerbianOnce you start learning Serbian you will be taught the most basic words, usually together with the verb to be, and these are the personal pronouns:
Ja = ITi = you (for one person, informal = for members of the family, people we know well, younger people than we are)Vi = You (for one person, formal = used at work, in formal situations, with people you don't know or want to show respect. Children use this form to talk to adults. This form is not common among the members of the family, though.)On = heOna = sheOno = itMi = weVi = you (more than one)Oni = they for masculineOne = they for feminineOna = they for neuter You can hear the pronunciation of the personal pronouns in Serbian in the following video where Jeremy practices the verb to be:

Present Tense Conjugation in Serbian

April u __________ by Zdravko Čolić

Listen to this lovely song and fill in the gaps. In order to be able to determine the right form, the corresponding subjects are highlighted red. If you need more info or practice on "u + location", check out the new blog post about the Locative case.

______________ (prolaziti) i ______________ (vraćati) se s lastama
Sunčani i nasmijani dani
opet _________ (biti) u mojoj duši proljeće,
da l' _________ (biti) djevojka il' žena sada ti?

ApriluBeograd__ uzaludno (ja) ______________ (tražiti)
Usne jedne djevojke sto se divno ______________ (maziti)ApriluBeograd_ ____________ (milovati) joj kosu
Ispod Savskog mosta to ____________ (biti) možda ona
Al' je drugi _______________ (ljubiti).______________ (prolaziti) i ______________ (vraćati) se s lastama
Sunčani i nasmijani dani
opet _________ (biti) u mojoj duši proljeće,
da l' _________ (biti) djevojka il' žena sada ti?

ApriluBeograd__ jedno prošlo doba(ja)_______________ (nositi) ga u mi…

Clothes in Serbian 1

If I write down the words in Serbian for items 1 to 15, could you please ask 15 questions starting either by 'GDE JE...' or 'GDE SU...' (Where is... Where are...). Look at the example 1. and 4.
1. Gde je kapa?
4. Gde su pantalone?
You can write the answer in the comment, or practise asking questions by listening to the newly set up Youtube, LearnSerbian :o)


Language learning tip - reading

Comparative reading exercise using the BBC website. First choose a popular story from BBC Serbian & then choose the same story the English (French) or whatever language you use.

It is not quite parallel text reading but it will help you in gaining more of a gist of the story in Serbian. An example is:


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