Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Talking About Summer Holidays

To answer these questions correctly, you can check how to make sentences in the Past Tense in Serbian. Verb conjugations which you'll need to answer the questions in the video are as follows:

  • sunčao, sunčala, sunčalo, sunčali, sunčale, sunčala
  • gledao, gledala, gledalo, gledali, gledale, gledala
  • vozio, vozila, vozilo, vozili, vozile, vozila
  • surfovao, surfovala, surfovalo, surfovali, surfovale, surfovala
  • brao, brala, bralo, brali, brale, brala
  • jeo, jela, jelo, jeli, jele, jela
  • plivao, plivala, plivalo, plivali, plivale,plivala
  • posmatrao, posmatrala, posmatralo, posmatrali, posmatrale, posmatrala
  • šetao, šetala, šetalo, šetali, šetale, šetala


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