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How to Pronounce Serbian R?

How to Pronounce Serbian R?
If you patiently listen to Nada Zeković until the very end of the video below, you'll find out what is the secret of the accurate pronunciation of the Serbian "r". Verovali ili ne,  the secret is in its vibration :) Watch, listen, repeat and practice!

The position of the tip of the tongue is upfront, behind the upper front  teeth.Besides, there's a slight vibration. (Listen to Nada comparing Spanish and Serbian name "Oskar" ) Advice on How to Pronounce Serbian R?

According to Nada, the best way is to practice by : simply running round the house saying the vibrant "rrrrr" :)focusing on sound clusters such as "pr" (pravo, prvi, pre, preko, prošlo...), and later on other words with this sound! Best of luck!

How to Congratulate Orthodox Christmas in Serbian?

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating it today! In the previous years I have shared with you:

the most beautiful Christmas songs in Serbianthe most useful links about Christmashow to pronounce the Christmas greetings in Serbian and today and in the next seven days, until Serbian New Year,  I want to give you a  Christmas gift of a free online course!

I also want to share with you the best Christmas SMS or IMs to be sent on this day which I found on various websites:
Christmas SMS for religious  family and friends In the Cyrillic Script via Duhoviti website

Лепшег јутра од данашњег нема, ко је верник за Божић сеспрема. Срце твоје љубав нека води, мир Божији и Христоссе роди! Ту где се бадњак данас ложи, у том дому срећа нек се множи, нека срећназвездакроз живот вас води Мир Божији и Христоссе роди!

In the Latin Alphabet

Lepšeg jutra od današnjeg nema, ko je vernik za Božić se sprema. Srce tvoje ljubav neka vodi, mir Božiji i Hristos se rodi!

Tu gde se badnjak danas loži, u tom domu s…


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