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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Serbian 401 - Orthography in Serbian

Although learning spelling or orthography  in any language isn't any fun, I found a way to make it fun - by creating "Whack a mole" exercise, or "udari krticu" :) 

How to Practice Orthography in Serbian

While the idea of this game is to hit a mole bearing the wrong answer, I noticed while learning German that this principle enforced the wrong answer in my  mind. Therefore, for my students of Serbian, I created this game based on "hitting the right mole", which will draw your attention to the correct spelling. Once you figure one which ones are the correct ones, jot them down!


Uživajte :) 

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Learning Serbian with Songs - Karaoke

 As you already know, Serbian is best learnt while singing and not thinking about all the grammar behind it. That 's why I am so happy whenever I come across a good song with lyrics, as well as its karaoke version. 

Learning Serbian with Songs - Karaoke Razbole se lisica 

Serbian with Songs - Išli smo u Afriku 


 Karaoke verzija   

Monday, March 01, 2021

Serbian 201 - Verb Conjugations, to Go, Eat, Drink

 To Go, Eat, Drink Conjugations

  • Kako se kaže TO GO na srpskom? Kaže se IĆI 
  • Kako se kaže TO EAT na srpskom? Kaže se JESTI
  • Kako se kaže TO DRINK na srpskom? Kaže se PITI

  • Let's see how we can use these three verbs in three different tenses in Serbian:

    Exercise with Serbian Verb Conjugations TO GO, EAT, DRINK

    Examples with Serbian Verb Conjugations TO GO, EAT, DRINK





    - Sada idem u prodavnicu.

    - Mama i ja obično idemo u bioskop petkom.

    - Išla sam u prodavnicu juče.

    - Išao sam sa mamom u bioskop prošlog petka.

    - Ja ću ići u školu sutra u 8 ujutro.

    - Deca u Kanadi će ići u školu od septembra. 


     - Šta radiš sada? Jedem burek.A ti?
    - Sada ne jedem. I ja isto jedem burek, ali samo vikendom. 

    - Jeo sam juče burek. 

    - Juče sam jela picu. 

    - Ja ću jesti sarmu sutra. 

    - Ješćemo sarmu sutra. 

    - Sutra ćete jesti sarmu.
    PITI- Hoćeš nešto da popiješ? Ne hvala, upravo pijem Fantu. 
    - Ljudi u Srbiji piju puno vode.
    - Pili smo mleko kad smo bili deca. 

    - Nisam pio mleko već šest godina. 
    - Popiću kaficu kad stignem kući. 


    Tuesday, February 02, 2021

    Serbian 701 - Redosled reči u pitanjima

     Ako ste na naprednom nivou učenja srpskog, sigurno već uživate prateći vesti iz Srbije i čitajući knjige na srpskom. Danas želim da podelim sa vama jedan zabavan video intervju sa sve popularnijom spisateljicom Lanom. 

    Kada odslušate video, pokušajte da uradite vežbu redosleda reči (word order exercise) odgovorite na sledeća pitanja

    Thursday, January 07, 2021

    Serbian 101 - with Language Games


    The easiest way to learn has always been through playing games. That's why I am sharing a very simple game about the verb to be in Serbian:

    Have fun!

    Monday, December 14, 2020

    Serbian 301 - Word Order with SE

    From the very first lesson, one gets to learn that funny "se" in the sentence: "Zovem se... " (My name is...). Often times it doesn't mean anything, or simply isn't translated into English. That's why you need to do a lot of exercises to get accustomed to this form. 

    Serbian 301 - Word Order with SE

    Let's start with the first exercise where you simply need to say how much these sentences are true for you. Try using the following phrases:

    • Takođe
    • Isto
    • Ponekad
    • Uglavnom 
    • Nikada 

    Exercise with Word Order with SE

    Now, that you are familiar with these sentences, you can easily do the following exercise - putting the words in order. Have fun!

    Sunday, December 13, 2020

    Serbian 201 - Past Tense vs Present Tense

    Our topic today is a lesson from Serbian 201 course. I added one more exercise to the course and I am sure you will enjoy practicing useful phrases through  various games:

    Serbian 201 - Talking about Work, Vocabulary

    Talking about Work, Game

    Serbian 201, Work Vocabulary,  Quiz

    Serbian 302 - Serbian Lexicology, Who Recovered?

    Serbian 302 - Serbian Lexicology 

    One of the very productive prefixes to form a verb out of an adjective is the prefix O-. If you know the meaning of the following adjectives, you'll surely know how to make verbs out of them and expand your vocabulary in an easy way:


  • Serbian 302 - Who Recovered?

    Before checking the meaning of the words, can you simply add an O in front of each adjective. To make it a verb you also need to add the -O suffix (for Masc. form of the verb in the past tense).  
    For example:  OZDRAVIO 
    1. Ko je OzdraviO? 

    I googled the following stories:
    1. Ozdravio Frančesko Toti 
    2. Ozdravio Čeda

    Serbian Lexicology - Verb Formation

    Now, let's do the same thing for each of these newly created verbs:
  • GLADAN - ogladneo
  • PAMETAN - opametio
  • BOGAT - obogatio
  • ŽENJEN - oženio 
  • SLOBODAN - oslobodio

  • After googling them, answer the following questions:
      2. Ko je OgladneO?
        3. Ko se _pameti__?
          5. Ko se _bogati_?
            6. Ko se  _ženi_?
              7. Ko je _slobodi_ ? 

              Practicing Serbian Lexicology

              Friday, December 04, 2020

              Serbian Podcast - About Netflix Series

              Serbian Podcast  

              There are numerous podcasts in Serbian which you can follow through this link. Simply choose your topic of interest and voila! Today I'd like to recommend you Književni Centar za Ljubitelj(k)e Blejanja and their podcast about Netflix series. 

              Serbian Podcast with Exercises

              I have created an exercise with useful collocations to talk about filmography. Let's listen to the first eight minutes and try to understand the gist of each topic. 

              After that, listen to it again and try to do my exercise:

              Serbian Podcast - Using Vocabulary to Talk about Your Favorite Series

              Sada pokušajte da opišete svoju omiljenu seriju koristeći fraze i kolokacije iz prethodne vežbe :)

              Tuesday, October 27, 2020

              Serbian A1-A2, Who am I?

              Serbian A1-A2, Who am I?  

              A super duper easy exercise to practice Serbian. Try to solve the following puzzle and then guess who the celebrity is. 

              Serbian a1- a2 - Vežba

              Useful vocabulary to do this exercise:

              1. biti = to be: sam - si - je - smo - ste - su
              2. doručkovati = to have breakfast: doručkujem - doručkuješ - doručkuje - doručkujemo - doručkujete - doručkuju
              3. ručati = to have dinner: ručam - ručaš - ruča - ručamo - ručate - ručaju 
              4. živeti = to live: živim - živiš - živi - živimo - živite - žive
              5. imati = to have: imam - imaš - ima - imamo - imate - imaju 
              6. nositi = to wear: nosim - nosiš - nosi - nosimo - nosite - nose
              7. zvati se = to be called: zovem - zoveš - zove - zovemo - zovete - zovu 
              I am sure you did this exercise really well. Now, if you have an idea who the celebrity is, post your ideas in the comments :) Hvala!

              Monday, October 05, 2020

              Serbian A2 to B2 Video Lesson

              Serbian A2 to B2 Video Lesson 

              Here comes a video lesson which will help you practice Serbian at different levels. 

              As you can see, there are three phrases. 

              Serbian A2 Video Lesson - Accusative

              The verbs such as TRAŽI - to search VIDETI - to see or VOLETI - to love (jesti, piti, slušati, gledati, kupiti, naći, etc.) trigger the Accusative case endings in the words that follow it (these can be not only nouns, but also numbers and adjectives in front of the noun)

              What does ti mean?

              It will change the upcoming word(s) in such a way that

              • anything that is in singular, ending in -a, will drop the -a and change to -u. For example: čokoladA ... Tražim čokoladU = I am lookin for chocolate :o)

              Serbian B1 Video Lesson - Genitive 

              The following prepositions:

              • pored - next to
              • između - between
              • ispred - in front of
              • iza - behind
              • ispod - under
              • iznad - above

              trigger the Genitive case in the words that follow them:

              Example: Jaje je pored slaninE. (the nominative case is: slaninA)

              -A>>> -E
              slanina - slanine
              torta - torte
              kruška - kruške
              lubenica - lubenice

              -anything else >>> -A
              mleko - mleka
              jaje - jajeTa
              đus - đusa
              sok - soka
              tiganj - tiganja
              hleb - hleba
              sir - sira


              Serbian B1/B2 Video Lesson - If Clauses

              Potencijal = Second conditional or If Clauses in English
              (or If I could..., I would... or If I had, I would...)

                  DA+ PRESENT, JA BIH + GLAGOL+o/la

              Da mogu da jedem lubenicu, ja bih je (po)jela.

                   KAD BIH + GLAGOL+o/la, JA BIH + GLAGOL+o/la

              Kad bih mogla da jedem lubenicu, ja bih je pojela. Prevod: If I could eat a watermelon now, I would eat it.

              Exercises with Serbian A2 to B2 Video Lessons

              If you would like to access a database with more similar video lessons and follow up exercises, you can do so by pledging US$12 though Patreon platform. This way you are supporting regular creation of digital materials for teaching and learning Serbian. These materials range from video lessons, exercises with feedback to textbooks which I regularly send to my Patrons. Hvala!

              Tuesday, September 29, 2020

              Serbian 701 - ZA Prefix in Context

               Another fun lesson from Serbian 701 Online Course, based on the following video:

              Serbian 701 - Speaking Practice

              1. Firstly, you can simply watch the video without listening, trying to guess what might be happening by using the following phrases: 

                  a. sigurno 
                  b. verovatno 
                  c. možda 

              Serbian 701 - Listening Comprehension

              2. Next, you can now watch the video again from the same second and try to figure out what each interviewee says about their favorite football team. O čemu pričaju?

                  a. Za koji tim oni navijaju? 
                  b. Odakle su?
                  c. Kako su zavoleli ovaj tim?

              ZA Prefix in Context

              3. Finally, let's compare how the following verbs are used

                  a. voleti - zavoleti 
              Volim ovaj fudbalski tim. Zavolela sam ih kad sam bila prvi put na njihovoj utakmici. 
                  b. čuditi se - začuditi se
              Čudim se tvom izboru fudbalskog tima, posebno sam se začudila kad sam videla da tim nije iz Srbije.
                  c. grejati se - zagrejati se 
              Nikad se nismo grejali na plin, koristimo samo centralno grejanje. 
              Kad si se zagrejao baš za tu kompjutersku igricu? 
                  d. misliti - zamisliti
              Nikad nisam mislio da ću navijati za Liverpul! Zamisli mene pre pet godina, nisam ni znao gde je Liverpul, ni šta je fudbal :D
                  e. početi - započeti
              Kada počinješ da se spremaš za utakmicu? Hajde, nemoj gnjaviti...kad nešto započneš, to i završi!

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