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Serbian Idioms - "Doterati Cara Do Duvara"

The Serbian idiom "doterati cara do duvara" has the similar meaning as the English one "to come to a head". I have often heard  this phrase in my childhood, always wondering what "duvar" might mean.

The word "duvar" is a loan word, and if you go to Google translate and check it at Turkish-English translation, you'll find out that the meaning of the word is "zid" (wall). So, the literal translation would resemble the expression "to drive someone (in this case "the tzar") up the wall" and yet, Serbian phrase for this expression (drive someone up the wall) is "dovesti nekog do ludila" (or litterally "make someone crazy"). You can check the pronunciation of these two idioms here, at our audio forum (and I hope you'll surprise your Serbian family or friends by pronouncing the phrases correctly and using them appropriately).

Talking about the usage, I was really surprised that in my group of ei…

Serbian for Beginners - Common Mistakes

This is a short video with Jeremija, who was pretty tired when answering my questions, so he made quite a few mistakes. Try to figure out which numbers are wrong, and what he should have said:

If you want to watch the video lessons covering the same topic and level, check out this page with beginner Serbian lessons.

Fairy Tales in Serbian - Ružno pače

Listen to this video and answer the questions, which refer to the interview with Nebojša Dugalić, in the second part:

Koliko dece ima Nebojša ?Da li čita bajke svojoj deci ?Zašto on čita bajke svojoj deci ?Da li je "Ružno pače" film ?Kome je prvenstveno namenjen ovaj CD ?Da li Vi čitate bajke na srpskom ? Da li Vama neko čita bajke na srpskom ?Da li volite bajke ? Zašto ?
Listening comprehension for the pre-intermediate level :

Does Nebojša have any kids ? If yes, how many ?Does Nebojša read fairy tales to his children ?Is "Ružno pače" in the video a film or just CD ?

Study Serbian Pronouns

Watch this video with the Serbian pronouns in the Genitive and Accusative cases.

I added all the forms of the Personal Pronouns in Serbian below (source:wikipedia), but what's more important for you is to practise them in context. That's why I'd suggest you watch this video and then try to mute it and say the sentences while watching. 

Serbian Podcast - Video with Explanations

Practise the Cyrillic script while listening to the video podcast: 

Представница Србије Мина Милутиновић победила на такмичењу “Miss World Next Top Model”!

Победница на овогодишњем такмичењу “Miss World Next Top Model” у Бејруту је представница Србије Мина Милутиновић. Мина се у оштрој конкуренцији лепотица из целог света истакла харизмом, маркантним цртама лица и савршеном фигуром.
Седамнаестогодишња представница Србије из Смедеревске Паланке освојила је прво место и заслужено однела победу у оштрој борби 38 лепотица, а поред круне и ленте, добила је и огрлицу. Друго место припало је представници Тајланда Каники Кункаео, док се на трећем месту нашла Улијана Бердишева, представници Русије.

Четврто место заузела је Дијана Милојковић, такође из Србије, која је поред ове титуле понела и ленту за најлепшу вечерњу тоалету.
Мина је чланица модне агенције “Crystal Model Agency”.

Advanced Serbian - Listening Exercises

If you liked one of the previous listening comprehension lessons of Serbian at the advanced level, I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to this interview with  Biljana Krstić:

Kako se zove grupa Biljane Krstić ?Kada je objavljeno licencno izdanje albuma "Bistrik" ?Gde se sve album "Tarpoš" prodaje ?Ko je sve uticao na Biljanu da se počne baviti etno muzikom ?Da li je Biljana bežala sa časova ?Šta znači reč "bistrik" ?Koliko godina postoji grupa "Bistrik" ?

Serbian Video Lessons

You can access the full version with pronunciation, explanations and numerous interactive lessons either via Serbian 101 course. Here comes the useful vocabulary from the video lesson:
1. je iz = is from
2. on živi = he lives
3. u = in
4. sa = with
5. supruga = spouse (fem.)
6. troje = three
7. deca = children
8. njegova = his
9. žena = wife
10 zvati se = to be called
11. imati = to have
12. godina = year
13. raditi = to work
14. kao =as
15. inspektor = inspector
16. slobodno vreme = free time
17. igrati = to play
18. ići = to go
19. pozorište = theatre

Interactive Video Lessons of Serbian

Words which you might not know are as follows:

on = heiz = from godina = yeargodine = yearsimati = to haveon ima = he hasstar = oldinspektor = inspectorraditi = to workon radi = he worksoženjen = marriedudata = marrieddete = childdeca = childrensin = sonćerka = daughter

Learn Serbian with Songs - Future Tense

Govori se da me varaš
i da _______ me ostaviti
a znaš dobro da sam bolan
i da ___________ ozdraviti

Znam da više prava nemam
na te tvoje oči crne
slaži makar da me voliš
ne daj da mi duša trne

Ti _______ opet ić' u kolo
dolazit  ______  polivači
pivat _________ pisme stare
pratit _______ vas tamburaši

A nediljom kad _____ šetaš
šuškat će na tebi svila
sigurno ________ zaboravit'
da si kadgod moja bila
ne lomi mi srcu grane
sačekaj da samo stane.

Online Serbian Language Course, Serbian 102 Starting in February

I'll be starting a new series of online lessons for the course Serbian 102 which takes approximately 2 months to finish. When you enroll the course, you'll be able to
access all the materials any time you wish, download mp4, mp3, pdf files join the discussion forum In this period I'm also adding new materials and I'm sure you like'll my new "Horoscope Serbian" series:

Serbian 101 - Winter Special

In January and February I'll be adding "Winter Special Edition" of easy Serbian lessons to all of my online courses of Serbian, starting from Serbian101, Serbian 102, Serbian 103 and Serbian 201. Some of these, I'll be posting to this blog, so you can follow them and have an idea what they are about. Through these "horoscope lessons of Serbian" I'll be trying to help you learn how to speak as a man/woman through different  tenses.

Accompanying Presentation with the explanations in English will be posted on each course. It looks like this:

And there's more:


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