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Sunday, July 21, 2019

What is so special about 3, 6 and 9?

Numbers and Addition in Serbian

Let's watch the video where you can see and hear  numbers being added in Serbian. If you click CC you will be able to follow the English translation as well. If you decrease the speed, from normal to 0.75, you can practice your pronunciation :) Have fun!

For more advanced learners, there are a few, actually 3, questions:
1. Can you recognize the accent? Which one is it - Serbian or Bosnian or Montenegrin?
2. Could you hear the name of the famous scientist who is mentioned in the video?
3. Why are numbers 3, 6, and 9 magical?

Monday, July 15, 2019

Ordinal Numbers in Serbian - Part 1

Ordinal numbers in Serbian behave as adjectives, so they change according to the noun's:

  • number (singular or plural - prva kolona vs. prve kolone)
  • gender (masc. fem or neuter - prvi red vs. prvA kolona vs. prvO mesto)
  • case (after the basic form of Nominative, there will be all six cases - prvi čovek - prvog čoveka - prvom čoveku - prvog čoveka / prvi hamburger - prvi čoveče - sa prvim čovekom - o prvom čoveku)
That's why we are starting just with a very simple list of 12 ordinal numbers in masc. sg. Nominative to learn the form, hear it, pronounce it and practice it. 

In our next lessons we'll be practicing more complex structures with the ordinal numbers in Serbian :)
I know it looks complicated, but it can be fun, and it is certainly good for your brain!

The list of exercises both in the Latin and Cyrillic script can be found on my Patreon page.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Verb HTETI - to want

What do they want?
Hajde da slušamo ovu zabavnu pesmu i da odlučimo ko šta želi da jede? = Let's listen to this fun song and decide who wants to eat what? 


  • Tulumbe =  Tulumba or Bamiyeh is a deep-fried dessert  
  • kolač = a cake
  • čokolada = chocolate
  • šlag = whipped cream
  • jagode = strawberries
  • kolač sa čokoladom = a chocolate cake
  • kolač sa šlagom i jagodama = a cake with whipped cream and strawberries
  • hteti = to want to 
  • Hoću - hoćeš - hoće ---- hoćemo - hoćete - hoće
  • Hoću da uzmem = I want to have 


  • Maksim hoće da uzme ...
  • Mama hoće da uzme...
  • Tata hoće da uzme ...



  • Poslastičarnica "Tumbe-tulumbe" = A sweetshop "Tumbe-tulumbe"
  • Dobar dan x 10 = Good afternoon
  • Izvolite, šta želite? = Can I help you, what do you want = would you like?
  • Mi bismo baš voleli da probamo vaše kolače. = We would really like to try your cakes.
  • Evo neka Maksim prvi izabere. = Here, let Maxim be the first to choose.
  • Mama, tata, ja ću ovaj kolačić sa čokoladom. = Mom, dad, I'll take this cake with chocolate.
  • Odličan izbor, Maksime, izvoli! = Excellent choice, Maxim, here you are!
  • Hvala. = Thanks.
  • A meni ćete dati ovu sa šlagom i jagodama. = And to me you will give this one with whipped cream and strawberries.
  • Svakako gospođo. Izvolite. = Sure, madam. Here you are.
  • Jao hvala Vam, baš ste ljubazni! Oh, thank You, you are so kind!
  • A ti tata, koji kolač ćeš ti da uzmeš? = And you daddy, which cake will you take?
  • Tumbe - tulumbe! = (I'll take) Tulumbe
  • Ah, izvolite. = Here you are.
  • Hvala. = Thanks.
  • ...
  • Oprostite, ako mogu da dobijem još samo pet komada? = Excuse me, if I could get only five more pieces? 

Monday, July 08, 2019

Serbian Vocabulary - Furniture, Step by Step

Serbian Vocabulary - Furniture, Step by Step
Today I want to show you how you can practice a bunch of words in an easy way, expanding your sentences and learning new grammar with the same vocabulary. Let's take some most common words for furniture, for example:

Nameštaj u kući - samo reči= Furniture, only words

Nameštaj u kući - with GIVE ME... or SHOW ME + Accusative for inanimate objects, please (formal)

Only fem. sg. nouns will get an U at the end, instead of A. For example: LAMPA --- Dajte mi lampU molim Vas (Give me the lamp, please). Otherwise, masc. and neut. sg. nouns won't change:
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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Easy Reading Exercises in Cyrillic Script

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Vocabulary Practice with Easy Serbian Texts

Serbian exercises
 If you would like to practice vocabulary used in my first book about things we can see on a farm, I'd suggest you do the following exercises in this order:
If you would like to do the same exercises in the Cyrillic script, here comes the same set of exercises: 
Serbian Cyrillic

Monday, July 01, 2019

Easy to Read Serbian - Prva knjiga

I am happy to present you my first Easy to read Serbian named "Šta možemo da vidimo na selu" book which consists of three parts:
  • First part written in Serbian Latin alphabet
  • Second part written in Serbian Cyrillic script
  • Third part with an exercise both in both alphabets
I have also recorded a video where you can listen to me all three parts of the book.  
I would appreciate your honest feedback and suggestions as to which topics you would like me to cover in the future. 
Have fun!
Šta možemo da vidimo na selu?
Šta možemo da ...
What can we see on ...
By Marina Petrović

Many thanks to my patrons who continually support me in creating Serbian language learning materials and who give me invaluable feedback!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Adjectives in Genitive Exercise

Let me tell you how I can make the exercises about Tesla's letters can be even more complicated: I'll add the following adjectives in the same text and make it a task. Of course, before doing this task, let us review the forms of Adjectives in Genitive:
The Adjectives which we are going to be used in front of some of the nouns are as follows:
  • Pridevi uz osobe: pametan - čuven - poznat
  • Pridevi uz zemlju / kraljevinu: čuven - star
  • Pridevi uz reč muzej (Adligat): veliki - mali - poznat - dosadan - bogat - siromašan
  • Pridevi uz godine / dane: davni - prošli - sledeći

Endings for Adjectives in Genitive

Sg. Masc.-OG, example: od čuvenOG glumca
Sg. Neut .-OG, example: od lepOG odela
Sg. Fem.-E, example: od čuvenE glumice

Pl. all genders - IH: od lepIH glumAca, od lepIH glumica, iz lepIH sela

Adjectives in Genitive Exercise


If you would like to receive more lessons like this one, consider joining my Patreon blog.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Giving advice in Serbian

Here comes a very simple exercise, based on two short texts. Hope you'll be able to do it perfectly well:

Asking for Advice in Serbian

Giving Advice in Serbian

Friday, March 15, 2019

Serbian 701 - Exercises with Episode 5

Nadam se da ste uživali radeći prethodne vežbe i lekcije iz serije Srpski 701. Današnja epizoda je posvećena korupciji i od poslednja dva minuta sam vam napravila nekoliko vežbi.

PRVI KORAK: Odgledati poslednji deo epizode pet i isključiti zvuk. Dok gledate video opišite:

  • 1. šta vidite
  • 2. koga vidite
  • 3. šta mislite da oni rade i kako se osećaju
DRUGI KORAK: Pokušajte da uradite narednu vežbu BEZ slušanja

TREĆI KORAK: Sada odslušajte video još jednom i dopunite/popravite prazna polja koja su ostala
Za još vežbi i ideja za lekcije na različitim nivoima, pratite moj blog na Patreonu. Hvala!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Passive in Serbian - Lesson with Exercise

The original version of the article can be found on Blic. The text for this lesson is slightly changed:

You can practice reading with me and you can do the following exercise:

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Let's Learn Past Tense of To Work and Become

Let's learn a set of useful phrases with this website showing what some celebrities had done for a living before they became famous.

For the video with the detailed explanations and translations, check out my Patreon page.

 Exercise with Verb Worked in Serbian

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