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Greetings in Serbian Pronounced

Greetings in Serbian with Pronunciation After trying to record the pronunciation for the basic Serbian lesson greetings with my computer running on Ubunty, it hasn't occurred to me to try switching to Windows. Once I did it, I saw how simple it was to make these little Quizlets even more useful! 
Let's learn the greetings by simply listening to the pronunciation of the following words for saying hello and goodbye:
dobar dan - good afternoon dobro veče - good evening dobro jutro - good morning kako ste? - how are You? kako si? - how are you? dobro, hvala! - well, thanks! doviđenja - goodbye ćao - hi / goodbye zdravo - bye bye / goodbye zdravo - hello laku noć - good night
Exercises with Greetings in Serbian Now, let's do a dictation!

Games with Greetings in Serbian The aim of the first game is to connect the Serbian word or words with its English counterpart.

In the second game, which is real fun, you have to type the word in Serbian until its English translation reaches…

Genitive in Serbian - Exercise with Adjectives

Genitive in Serbian Let me announce  a series of blog posts about the Genitive in Serbian with exercises. Theory can be easy to learn, but what's more difficult is to actually produce correct sentences and phrases. 

That's why I want to encourage you to play with the Quizlets I make for you and keep saying the words in Serbian out loud, especially while playing the SpaceRace :)
Practising Genitive in Serbian

Here comes the answer key:
od čistog zlata - of pure gold
prljave šolje - (of a) dirty mug
od tamnog odela - of dark suit
od svetlih gradova - of light cities
prijatnih žena - (of) pleasant women
od neprijatane dece - (of) unpleasant children
širokog osmeha - (of) broad smile
iz uske ulice - out of narrow street
od visokog čoveka - from the tall man
od niske žene - from the short woman
iz lepog sela - from the beautiful village
od ružnih pasa - of ugly dogs
od pametnih - from smart friends
od glupih političara - from stupid politicians
od duge suknje - of the long skirt


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