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Practicing Montenegrin and Serbian with Songs

If you watched Eurosong 2015 yesterday night, you may have noticed that Montenegrin song was one among few ones which wasn't in English. It has such a catchy tune and beautiful lyrics that I decided to share it with you today and create a few follow-up activities.

Exercise with Verbs

Exercise with Pronouns

Serbian Vocabulary Exercise - Rooms

If you liked playing Quizlet games and practising your Serbian with my video lessons based on Quizlet, I'm sure you'll have fun learning some new vocabulary in Serbian today. This time it's all about rooms in a flat, as a short intro to a series of practical video lessons dedicated to the Locative case.

For the time being, let's simply practise pronunciation and spelling. For the brave ones here comes the test:

along with the links to other exercises:

flash cardsreading and writinga matching gamea space race game

Serbian Expressions for Cheaper and More Expensive

A few days ago while I was preparing for my online lessons I came across this great video which can help you practice:
vocabulary (fruit and vegetables)numbers and pricescomparing prices of certain products at two different markets in Novi Sad (Limanska pijaca vs. Kvantaš)

You can write or record a short report by answering to the following questions:

Limanska pijaca:

Koje povrće je najjeftinije?Koliko košta krompir na limanskoj pijaci?Koje povrće je najskuplje?Koliko košta kilogram krastavaca?Koliko košta najskuplje povrće na limanskoj pijaci?Koje voće je najjeftinije?Koliko koštaju kurške?Koje voće je nešto jeftinije od kruški?Koje voće je najskuplje?Kvantaška pijaca: Da li je ova pijaca skuplja ili jeftinija od limanske?Za koliko je paradajz jeftiniji?Koliko košta kilogram kupusa?Koliko košta crni luk?Koje voće ima istu cenu kao i na limanskoj pijaci?Koliko koštaju jabuke?Za koliko su jeftinije mandarine?Koliko novca se mora izdvojiti za pomorandže?
Serbian Expressions for Cheaper and …


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