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Friday, March 27, 2009

Adjectives and nouns in Serbian

In order to make a correct sentence in Serbian, it is wise to learn nouns according to their grammatical gender. There is a thorough explanation of the nouns and adjectives in Serbian on Unilang site in Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 . Since it is useless to learn adjective suffixes in sets which are different depending whether the noun is:
a. in Singular or Plural
b. Masculine/Feminine/Neuter
c. in different cases

I advise you to learn them in the context and practise one group at a time.

Therefore, I will start with a series of simple formulas with exercises. Feel free to ask questions or post the answers in the comment or to my email under the profile.

Here is a kind of formula for Singurlar + Nominative combination of an ADJECTIVE + NOUN:

Singular & Nominative

1. Adjective + Masculine Noun = zanimljiv tekst (interesting text)
2. AdectiveA + Feminine Noun = zanimljivA knjiga (interesting book)
3. AdjectiveO + Neuter Noun = zanimljivO selo (interesting village)

Exercise: add an adjective with the appropriate ending in front of the following nouns:

adjectives: LEP / JAK / VISOK / VELIK / SKUP

  1. ___________ knjiga.
  2. ___________ momak.
  3. ___________ auto.
  4. ___________ kosa.
  5. ___________ zgrada.
  6. ___________ kuća.
  7. ___________ sto.
  8. ___________ torba.
  9. ___________ dete.
  10. ___________ zrno.

1 comment:

Marina said...

I got the first homework which included adjective+translation of the noun + noun gender ! Bravo!
ps. zrno = grain (gender - neuter)

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