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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Parafraza I by Miroslav Antić

Predeli, predeli, predeli
vredeli, vredeli, vredeli.

Predeli, predeli, predeli
bledeli, bledeli, bledeli.

Predeli, predeli, predeli
u mestu sedeli, sedeli…

Predeli, predeli, predeli
u sedenju osedeli.

***Advanced Serbian with poems by Miroslav Antić ******

1. predeo (Sg. Masc.) - predeli (pl.) = landscape
2. vredeo (verb in the past agreeing with sg. masc.) - vredeli (verb in the past agreeing with sg. masc.) - be worth something
3. bledeo (v. agreeing with sg. masc.)- bledeli (v. agreeing with pl. masc.)= fade out
4. u mestu (mesto - sg. neut.)= in one place
5. sedeo (v. agreeing with sg. masc.)- sedeli (v. agreeing with pl. masc.)= sit down
6. sedeti is a verb , sedenje is a gerund =sitting, u sedenju = while sitting
7. osedeti is a verb meaning 'grow gray' - osedeli ((v. agreeing with pl. masc.)

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