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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Monolingual Serbian online dictionary

Serbian - Serbian and working!

Here is the fun one where you can add your own (fun) definition:

Which is your favourite online/offline dictionary?


Annika said...

Thanks for the link!
most of the time I use recnik.com

Marina said...

Hvala Annika za ovaj link! Recnik.com gives collocations which I like. Many people in Serbia use Krstarica's Serbian-English dictionary, but it's not very reliable. Check this out (kuća = house)http://krstarica.com/recnik/englesko-srpski/index.php?u=kuca .
ps. I forgot to include the explanation of bestseller which was written as bes + celer (celer = celery) this is called 'peoples' etymology' we tend to make unfamiliar sounds familiar :D

Anonymous said...

Ahoj... zdravo!

Pozdrav! Thanxs 4 the link, now I can check up words and compare them with the Slovak version...

My Slovak word of the day: toto. Now I will look up the Serbian word.


Anonymous said...

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