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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Telling Time In Serbian

What's the time ? Koliko je sati ?

11.00 Tačno (je) jedanaest sati. Jedanaest je sati.
12.05 Dvanaest i pet. Dvanaest i pet minuta.
01.10 Jedan i deset.
02.15 Dva i petnaest.
03.20 Tri i dvadeset.
04.25 Četiri i dvadeset pet.
05.28 Pet i dvadeset osam.
06.30 Šest i trideset. Pola sedam.
07.35 Sedam i trideset pet. Dvadeset pet do osam.
08.37 Osam i trideset sedam. Dvadeset tri do devet.
09.40 Devet i četrdeset. Dvadeset do deset.
10.45 Petnaest do jedanaest.
10.50 Deset do jedanaest.
11.55 Pet do dvanaest.

This text used to have a few mistakes which are recorded in this video. Can you spot them in the video?
For more details about numbers check out this link.

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