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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mine or Yours in Serbian

Listen to this song and try to figure out which gaps with  numbers are for  "moj" (mine or my for Masc.sg.) and where "tvoj" (yours or your for Masc.sg.) and for the gaps with letters, you will notice that the verb TO BE is missing.

Apsolutno __1__ (apsolutno __2____)
Samo mi ___a____ taj (genijalan spoj)
Apsolutno  ___3___ život je  ___4___

Permanentno  ___5___ (permanentno  ___6___)
Samo ti ____b_____ taj (specijalan broj)
Permanentno  ___7___ život je  __8____

Apsolutno ___9____ si broj
Aposlutno ja   __c__   _10____
Genijalan mi ___d____ spoj
Permanentno biću ___11____
Since this is  a part of Serbian101 lesson, feel free to send me your answers there.

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