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Serbian Online Course

If you've been following SerbianLessons pages on this blog, you've probably noticed that there is a growing number of Serbian online courses which I am adding there.

Why do you need a course ?

  • Because you need a clear step-by-step guidance, and that is exactly what you get when you enroll one of the courses.
  • Because you need an easily accessible site where you can easily refer back to the videos from the previous lessons, as well as to the videos of upcoming sessions in order to prepare for the online sessions in advance. By joining one of my courses, you are granted unlimited access and downloading option to all the MP4s, MP3s and PDFs.
What do you learn ?

  • All my courses are goal oriented - each lesson is organized in such a way that you learn to understand/say something useful, inspired by everyday situations. 
  • At the end of each lecture, I add a song which usually has some grammar structure or vocabulary that was presented in the lesson. 
  • Combining learning by singing and drilling the most common phrases and grammar structures from real-life situations,  make a solid foundation for your consistent improvement.
How do I teach ?
  • I must admit it took me 3 years of learning and experimenting to figure out how to transfer all the best practises from face to face teaching into online teaching. It wasn't only about the approach, but also about the most appropriate and simple tools, which can make an online lesson lively, presonal and joyful experience. 
  • In the courses at the upper levels, 201 and 301, I help students take up a role of a teacher and use the language as actively as possible, practising speaking in the most meaningful and practical way.
How  customizable can an online course be ?
  • One of the main advantages of online teaching is that a student can access the audio/video materials whenever they have time and most of all learn at their own pace.
  • One of the main misconceptions of online teaching is that the students will learn just because of my previous point - that everything is accessible. We are not machines, we need a social aspect to learning in order to be successful. That's why I chose Udemy as the best learning platform, because of its simplicity and possibility for me, as a teacher to gently nudge students to participate, involving them into forum tasks, connecting them with one another and making the most of the IM system there. 
  • Each video recording is not only about the language, but about how you can personalize it and use the language for your own needs and purposes. 



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Serbian belongs to a group of (highly) flective languages, and as such its verbs have conjugations. This means that you have to pay attention to the suffixes which are added to the stem of each verb. If you have a dictionary of Serbian, you will notice that infinitive endings are -iti, -ati, -eti, or simply -ti and sometimes -ći. In order to learn the conjugations, it is wise to know that the suffixes for each person singular or plural are added to the verb stem (base verb without infinitive endings). 

The conjugation system of Serbian verbs is rather complex. There are several classes of regular verbs distinguished according to certain features the verbs within a class share. (I copied this sentence from Wikipedia, so you can follow the link to see the conjugations of the verb 'RADITI' (to work) to get the idea how it looks like in different tenses.)

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