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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Introduction to Serbian Phrases

Since there'll be more visitors to Serbia in the upcoming period, I decided to launch the complete course called Serbian Phrases (this is a free e-book). In the meantime I want to show you one of the recordings:

and the structure of the course, which is divided into fifteen sections or topics. Each topic has the following structure:
  1. Slowly read phrases - video lesson
  2. Listed phrases as a pdf file, both in Cyrillic and Latin alphabet
  3. Slowly read phrases with Cyrillic text
  4. Dialogue AB
  5. Dialogue A
  6. Dialogue B
  • Section1:Phrases in Serbian - Introduction
  • Lecture1:How to learn Serbian with this course
  • Lecture2:Serbian Phrases with Pronunciation in the Latin Alphabet
  • Section2:Pozdravi - Greetings
  • Lecture3:Greetings - Phrases
  • Lecture4:List of Greeting Phrases
  • Lecture5:Greetings - classroom practice with extra material : link to exercises
  • Lecture 6 Dialogue 
  • Lecture 7 Dialogue A
  • Lecture 8 Dialogue B
  • Section3:Upoznavanje - Meeting People
  • Section4:Opšti izrazi - General Expressions
  • Section5:Zakazivanje sastanka - Arranging a Meeting
  • Section6:Razgovor nakon upoznavanja - Small Talk
  • Section7:Razgledanje grada - Sightseeing
  • Section8:U hotelu - At the Hotel
  • Section9:Na aerodromu - At the Airport
  • Section10:Davanje uputstava - Giving Directions
  • Section11:U menjačnici - At the Exchange Office
  • Section12:Na granici - At the Customs
  • Section13:U restoranu - In the Restaurant
  • Section14:U prodavnici - At the Shop
  • Section15:Kod lekara - At the Doctor's
  • Section16:Funkcije - Functions

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