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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Word Order in Serbian - Part 5

This part is preparing you to practise word order with the words with the reflexive/impersonal pronoun "se". This time I've chosen only the verbs which are widely used when you talking about important life phases, so all the sentences in the videos will be in the Simple Past:
  • roditi se = to be born
  • školovati se = to be schooled
  • upisati se (u školu / na fakultet) = to enrol (a school / university)
  • zaposliti se = to start working / to get a job
  • preseliti se = to move (to another city / country)
  • kvalifikovati se (za) = to get qualified (for)
  • venčati se = to get married
After practising telling a story about yourself with these phrases:

...you can try to do the similar one based on my false biography, so you have to make all the sentences in the exercise negative :)

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