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Serbian with Children's Stories

I think that children learn a language best through stories, chants and songs. I've already written about Dundo Bear's Wedding story back in 2013, but now I decided to turn it into a series of lessons which can be used for learning and teaching Serbian.

Let me introduce you to the first part of the story with this four minute long Intro to Medvedova ženidba by Desanka Maksimović.

Serbian lesson about Present Participle

If you enjoyed my previous exercise about Present Participle in Serbian, I am sure you are  looking forward to checking if you have done this exercise right.

Present Participle in Serbian

Present Participle in Serbian
After watching this short video lesson dedicated to present participle in Serbian, try to figure out which form to use!  Useful vocabulary:
uživati = to enjoy (uživam, uživaš, uživa // uživamo, uživate, uživaju)gledati = to watch (gledam, gledaš, gleda // gledamo, gledate, gledaju)gledajući = watching (while watching)uživam gledajući... = I enjoy watching...slušati = to listen to (slušam, slušaš, sluša // slušamo, slušate, slušaju)slušajući = listening (while listening)smirivati = to calm down (smirujem, smiruješ, smiruje // smirujemo, smirujete, smiruju)smirujući = calmingsmrzavati = to freeze (smrzavam, smrzavaš, smrzava // smrzavamo, smrzavate, smrzavaju)provoditi = to spend (provodim, provodiš, provodi// provodimo, provodite, provode)obilaziti = to be visiting (obilazim, obilaziš, obilazi // obilazimo, obilazite, obilaze)obilazeći = visiting (while visiting)teći = to flow (tečem, tečeš, teče //  tečemo, tečete, teku)razmišljati = to think about (razmi…


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