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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Listening Exercise about Large Kolo for Guinness

Let me introduce you to my nephew Aca who participated in the event called "Large Kolo for Guinness" which took place exactly a week ago in Novi Sad, Serbia. While watching and listening to this video you can do the following tasks:

A. Watch the video without listening to it at first (mute the audio) and try to guess:
  1. Kako se Aca oseća?
  2. Po čemu znate da se Aca tako oseća?
B. Now watch and listen to the video focusing on the words and phrases which confirm your previous answers.

C. Now watch and listen to the video for the third time and try to answer the following questions:
  1. Odakle je Aca?
  2. Kako je sve proteklo?
  3. Čega su se učesnici bojali?
  4. Zašto je ova manifestacija bitna?
  5. Koje izraze Aca koristi da iskaže zahvalnost što je sve dobro pošlo?
D. To expand your vocabulary try to recall which synonyms and phrases Aca uses instead of:
  1. "proteklo" 
  2. "bojati se"
  3. "bitan"

Grammar Exercise:

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