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Friday, April 15, 2016

Common Mistakes in Serbian

I must tell you that I am more than happy that there has been more and more educational videos about the Serbian language. They cover different topics, such as:
Today I wanted to present the series of short videos about the most common mistakes in Serbian called Negujmo srpski jezik! The first video in the series is about the words "all" and "he acted".

Common Mistakes in Serbian - sve or svo?

After listening to this video can you tell which of  the mentioned words is correct (tačna) and which one is incorrect (netačna):
  1. sve
  2. svo
  3. glumeo
  4. glumio
You can use the following form to say what you think: 

Mislim da je reč "svo" netačna / tačna.

Let' check the correct answers:

  1. Reč "sve" je tačna. 
  2. Reč "svo" je netačna.
  3. Reč "glumeo" je netačna.
  4. Reč "glumio" je tačna. 

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