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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Serbian Adjectives - Part 4

I am sure you are confident using the simple word "lep" thanks to the previous posts about adjectives in Serbian! You learnt that "lep" (beautiful) will change as follows:

  • Masc. LEP grad = grad je lep (beautiful city - the city is beautiful)
  • Fem. LEPA zgrada = zgrada je lepa (beautiful building)
  • Neut. LEPO dete = dete je lepo (beautiful child)
  • Masc. LEPI mostovi = mostovi su lepi (beautiful bridges)
  • Fem. LEPE zgrade = zgrade su lepe (beautiful buildings)
  • Neut. LEPA deca = deca su lepa (beautiful kids)
That's why I'm sure you will be able to decide which forms of "lep" are missing in the gaps: 
  1.  _______ nebo (sky)
  2. _______noć (night)
  3. _______ dan (day)

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Yes, the answers are as follows:
  1. lepo
  2. lepa
  3. lep
If you are still wondering why "noć" is "lepa", check out my video explanation and translation :D

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