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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Five Minute Serbian - Course 2, Dedicated to Accusative

While adding new chapters and lessons to 5 Minute Serbian course 1, I started planning the next course which will be entirely dedicated to the verbs and prepositions which require a noun/pronoun in the Accusative case.

Let me show one of these videos with which you can practice:
  • Present / past tense of the following verbs: videti, tražiti, naći, uzeti (to see, to look for, to find, to take): deca vide / deca su videla - deca traže / deca su tražila - deca su našla ... - deca su uzela
  • The Accusative with Sg. Masc of inanimate and animate category (brodić - vidim brodić, pas - vidim psa)
  • The Accusative with Sg. Fem (lopta - tražim loptu)

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