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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Learning Serbian with Interesting Texts - What should people do?

There are many interesting texts which you don't need to understand in detail, but just the gist or the most important facts. One of such texts is certainly a very popular one about Hunza people. There are various versions of this article which you can compare by Googling "Hunza narod".

I created the following exercises based on this text published in Blic.

Who are Hunzas? = Ko su Hunze?

  1. Gde Hunze žive?
  2. Šta oni jedu?
  3. Šta ne jedu?
  4. Koliko kilometara predju dnevno?
  5. Koje su njihove dobre navike?
  6. Koliko dugo oni žive?
  7. Zašto žive toliko dugo?

What should people do? = Šta bi ljudi trebalo da rade?

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