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How to pronounce letters in Serbian

While teaching Serbian to speakers of other languages, I noticed that different students have different pronunciation problems with certain Serbian sounds/phonemes. In order to practise together, let's make most of this lovely online learning tool, where you can simply listen to me and other students pronouncing certain words or phrases.

You will always be able to access the recordings from this site and to add your short replies. Let's practise together:

Intro :
* Introduce yourself like this:

Zdravo, ja sam ______. Ja sam _______. Imam _______godina. Živim u _________u/i.

(Hi, I am .... I am a ... I am ... I live in ...)


*Ć - ću, ćeš, će, ćemo, ćete, će (= will)

*Č - čekaj (wait) čuvaj se (take care) čitaj (read)

*Š - šutni (kick) šališ se? (are you kidding?) šta? (what?)

*C - cev (pipe), car (tzar) cvet (flower)

*S - sve (all), svet (world), sutra (tomorrow)

*Đ - đak (pupil, student), đavo (devil), Đorđe (name)

*DŽ -džaba (for free, worthless), džemper (jumper, cardigan…

Asking About Location in Serbian

Fourteen years ago on March, 13th 1996, this song was the Song of the Day at the local radio station. I remember listening to it every hour! Take a guess where I was by asking questions, as follows:

1. "Da li ste bili u + city ? "
(when you guess the name of the city, proceed to 2)
2. "Da li ste bili u + place ?"

1/Word Bank: ---> Locative Case

Bečej ----> Bečeju
Senta ----> Senti
Zrenjanin ---> Zrenjaninu
Novi Sad---> Novom Sadu
Šabac ---> Šapcu
Niš ---> Nišu
Kragujevac ---> Kragujevcu
now, you do the same...
Kraljevo --->
Milanovac --->
Subotica --->
Beograd --->

2/Word Bank for places ---> Locative

škola - školi
crkva - crkvi
centar - centru
važno mesto - važnom mestu
*now, you do the same...

Why Do We Connect? Zašto se povezujemo?

Recently LearnSerbian participated in "Why Do We Connect" video project. The idea was to post a response to the simple question "Why Do We Connect?" = Zašto se povezujemo?

Our answer was "To get inspired - to create!" = "Da se inspirišemo. Da stvaramo"! There are many more answers, each revealing one piece of ''why-we-connect puzzle''. I'll do my best to translate them slowly, one by one...

Now a question to you - why do you connect with other people on the www? Zašto se vi povezujete sa drugim ljudima preko interneta?


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