Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Free Serbian Language Course

If you have followed my blog posts this summer, you have noticed fun photos with short dialogues. These mini lessons grew into the first course, which can help you learn Serbian greetings. It is at the beginner level, so that is why I named it Super Easy Serbian - Greetings A1!

 It took me quite a while to create it, as I flicked through thousands of photos, downloaded them and then put everything together. I have had problems with my low quality headset, because of which I had to heavily edit the videos. I hope to get a new cam in October and continue making such courses much faster. My plan is always to offer you three versions of the course:

  • Free course with 30% of the video lessons
  • Full version with all the video lessons, explanations and additional exercises
  • VIP version with which you can send me your recorded tasks or ask questions and get my feedback and explanations.
In order to access the course, you can simply click here to see it online, or download it:

It is visible online, fully accessible from any device and you can play the videos while flicking through it. If you prefer a PDF file, you can download it here, but when you want to watch the video, when you click play, the video will open in the new window, so you will have to restart the PDF file again.

Although there is the list to the additional exercises, which are made for this course, I'll list them below:

Greetings Practice
  1. Flashcards - link
  2. Learn- link
  3. MicroMatch- link
  4. Gravity- link
  5. Test- link

Friday, September 8, 2017

Advanced Serbian - Detecting Synonyms

For all of you who are advanced learners of Serbian, here comes a challenging exercise based on this lovely song:

The idea is for you to listen to this song and in each part of the song to detect 3 words which are synonyms with the words written in the capital letters above that part. Srećno!

Znate l' priču o Vasi Ladačkom
i ja sam je tek onomad čuo
jednom devet dana nije izlazio iz birtije
kažu da je bio čudna sorta
Otac mu je bio sitni paor
'ranio je sedam gladnih usti
mati mu je bila plava
tiha, nežna, jektičava
umrla je s trideset i nešto
Imali su par jutara zemlje
malu kuću na kraju sokaka
na astalu navek hleba
taman tol'ko kol'ko treba
al' je Vasa hteo mnogo više
Želeo je konje vrane, po livadi razigrane
sat sa zlatnim lancem i salaše
želeo je njive plodne, vinograde blagorodne
u karuce pregnute čilaše
ali nije mog'o da ih ima

Voleo je lepu, al' sirotu
uz'o bi je samo da je znao
voles jednom u životu
sad bogatu il' sirotu
to ne bira pamet nego srce
Sve se nad'o da će ljubav proći
zanavek je otiš'o iz sela
nikad nije pis'o nikom
venč'o se sa mirazdžikom
jedinicom, kćerkom nekog gazde
Dobio je konje vrane, po livadi razigrane
sat sa zlatnim lancem i salaše
dobio je njive plodne, vinograde blagorodne
u karuce pregnute čilaše
sve je im'o - ništa im'o nije

Propio se, nije prošlo mnogo
dušu svoju đavolu je prod'o
znali su ga svi birtaši
tražio je spas u čaši
ali nije mog'o da ga nađe


Mlad je, kažu, bio kad je umro
'sred birtije od srčane kapi
klonula mu samo glava
ko da drema, ko da spava
i još pamte šta je zadnje rek'o

Džaba bilo konja vranih, po livadi razigranih
džaba bilo sata i salaša
džaba bilo njiva plodnih, vinograda blagorodnih
džaba bilo karuca, ćilasa
kada nisam s onom koju volem
kada nisam s onom koju volem

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Serbian Pronunciation - Č vs. Ć

I guess this is something you have been waiting for: Č vs. Ć. In this video you'll be able to:
  • Hear these two sounds pronounced in many different examples
  • Understand how to pronounce them and where your tongue should be in order to hear the difference
  • Hear the minimal number of minimal pairs (really, there are just a few examples where mispronunciation will cause the difference in meaning)

If you want to practice your pronunciation in the same way I do and get my feedback, you are welcome to join my Patreon supporters!

To access the complete PPT with the video, check this out:

Monday, September 4, 2017

Imperative of Give in Serbian

Today, our topic is practising asking for food both in formal and informal way in Serbian.

  • DAJ MI = give me (informally)
  • DAJTE MI = give me (formally)
  • MOLIM TE = please  (informally)
  • MOLIM VAS = please (formally)

If you are not sure why the words for food mentioned in the exercise change, check the previous posts about the Accusative case!

Exercise with the Imperative of Give in Serbian

Let's learn together:

Let's play together:

If you want to practice in the same way I do and get my feedback, you are welcome to join Patreon supporters!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to Practice Speaking Serbian?

If you'd like to practice speaking Serbian and you don't have a clue how, the best way is to do the following:

  1. Pick any of the video lessons I created on my Youtube channel SerbianLessons. For example this one: adjectives in Serbian  
  2. After listening and repeating after me (for as many times as you wish), play the video again, but mute it
  3. Turn on the www.Vocaroo.com / or any other voice recording platform/service and record yourself speaking while watching the muted video
  4. Save your Vocaroo (click Save, and you'll see a shareable link below - don't share it with the world, but simply send it to me to check it out and give you the video feedback - this can be arranged while I still have time)

Speaking Exercise Video - Informal Greetings

With this video the idea is to read the dialogue and fill in the gaps yourself, until the end where you have to remember everything on your own :) The version with the explanation and slow pronunciation is coming tomorrow!


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