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Serbian Lessons with Subtitles and Exercises

I am so happy to share this video lesson which is 100% in Serbian with subtitles. I am sure they will help you hear what I am saying better. After the video there is an exercise which is made based on the text, a bit changed though.

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Super Easy Serbian - Family Vocabulary with Exercises

I hope you are enjoying learning with my video lessons and doing the follow up tasks, such as these ones:

Today, I am sharing a brand new explanation with you and exercise from the course which focuses on vocabulary describing family and friends.

Here are all the links to the exercises covering this video lesson:
1. Quizlets with MY: moj-mojA-mojE-mojI-mojE-mojA + Family members
Flashcards Learn exercise Match Gravity 2. LearnClick, based on this lesson: version A (verb conjugations of zvati se i biti), version B (possessive adjectives and paricle se)

Serbian for Kids - Lesson 10

While in the previous lesson of Serbian for Kids, I taught you how to pronounce furniture in Serbian and we played with the Present tense conjugations of the verb to have, today we are practicing rooms in a house/ flat and revising the previous lessons by playing games.  
The words we are learning today are as follows: Sobe = RoomsTAJ HODNIK = hallwayTAJ BALKON = balconyTA KUHINJA = kitchenTA SOBA = roomTA SPAVAĆA SOBA = bedroomTA DNEVNA SOBA= living roomTA DEČIJA SOBA = children’s roomTA RADNA SOBA = studyTO KUPATILO = bathroom

It would be perfect if you could download the pdf file, print it and try to learn, by playing Quizlet game

The video version of this pdf is coming your way tomorrow on my Patreon blog - for the previous and upcoming versions check out this link!

Serbian Language Course - Family

I hope you enjoyed following my free Serbian language course at the elementary level, dedicated to Greetings! This month I have been working on a new one where you can learn:

How to introduce your family members to someoneHear clearly and learn to pronounce family membersVerbs to have + family members (in the appropriate case)Short texts about this topic All the video lessons and exercises are both in the Cyrillic and Latin script so you can learn Cyrillic in no time :) 
Today I wanted to share one of the video exercises from the course. 

More videos with conjugations are on this playlist.

Serbian with Easy Texts and Exercises

Today we are practicing Serbian with this simple exercise:

 The meaning of this story is as follows:

Marina likes to eat sweets, especially chocolate, Eurocream, jam and buiscits. She likes to drink milk, juice and coffee. Each morning while she has breakfast, Marina doesn't watch TV, but she is on the Internet, listens to songs on Youtube and sings them.
The missing verbs are as follows:

VOLETI (ja volim ... oni vole)PITI (ja pijem... oni piju)GLEDATI (ja gledam ... oni gledaju)SLUŠATI (ja slušam... oni slušaju)PEVATI (ja pevam... oni pevaju)
After doing this exercise, you can record your own story by making comparisons. For example:

Marina voli da jede slatkiše, ali ja ne volim da jedem slatkiše. OR Marina voli da jede Eurokrem, ali ja ne volim da ga jedem. (Pronouns: him/it >>>"ga" stands for "it", but in Serbian "Eurocream" is he, so here "ga" means "him", her >>>"je" and "them"= ih, regardle…

Word Order with Past Tense of To Be

If you liked the video and the follow-up exercises I recently published, it's time for you to do revise it and practice pronunciation:

Plural in Serbian - Video Exercise

Plural in Serbian In this video exercise you can practice forming plural in Serbian and drilling it with the following phrases:

Da li je to banka?Da li su to banke? The explanation about the plural in Serbian can be found on the video or more detailed one, with exercises here.

More examples from the video:

The examples in the video are as follows:
1. banka - banke
2. prodavnica -. prodavnice
3. apoteka - apoteke
4. park - parkovi
5. trg - trgovi
6. muzej - muzeji
7. bioskop - bioskopi
8. pozorište - pozorišta
9. mesto - mesta