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Friday, September 24, 2021

Tic Tac Toe Serbian

Let me share with you a new way of learning online, asynchronously, with my Tic-Tac-Toe Serbian series. Namely, the course is based on the interactive books, which are slowly paced, so you can use them to learn Serbian by yourself, or with a teacher or a family member. 

I have created four textbooks so far, and they can be fully accessed through my Patreon pages. Each level follows  my 

The main difference from the previous printed books is that they are online and they are interactive, which means all the links are clickable, you can hear me pronouncing each word. Furthermore, you can record your own short audio answers and keep them in the book and you can write in your copy too. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Dialects in Serbian - O dijalektima u srpskom jeziku

O dijalektima u srpskom jeziku


U ovoj odličnoj video lekciji možete da čujete detaljna objašnjenja šta su to različiti dijalekti u srpskom, sa mnogo  primera i objašnjenja.  Primeri su iz književnih dela,  ali verujem da ste čuli neke od ovih karakterističnih reči u svakodnevnom govoru. Napišite u komentaru ako ste čuli neku od pomenutih varijanti i gde ili od koga?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Super Easy Serbian - Family Vocabulary with Exercises

      Here are all the links to the exercises covering this video lesson:

    1. Quizlets with MY: moj-mojA-mojE-mojI-mojE-mojA + Family members
2. LearnClick, based on this lesson:

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Serbian Pronunciation - Č vs. Ć

I guess this is something you have been waiting for: Č vs. Ć. In this video you'll be able to:
  • Hear these two sounds pronounced in many different examples
  • Understand how to pronounce them and where your tongue should be in order to hear the difference
  • Hear the minimal number of minimal pairs (really, there are just a few examples where mispronunciation will cause the difference in meaning)

If you want to practice your pronunciation in the same way I do and get my feedback, you are welcome to join my Patreon supporters!

To access the complete PPT with the video, check this out:

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Family Members and Friends in Serbian

Another Quizlet video exercise for you to practice the pronunciation of the following words:
  • mama = mother
  • tata = father
  • sestra = sister
  • brat = brother
  • sin = son
  • ćerka = daughter
  • drug = close friend masc.
  • drugarica = close friend fem.
  • prijatelj = friend masc.
  • prijateljica = friend fem.
  • kolega =colleague masc.
  • koleginica = colleague fem.

Best Way to Learn 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Days of the Week in Serbian at Three Levels

I'm sure that you find Serbian days of the week easy to pronounce. However, if you still struggle with Thursday (četvrtak), there's a useful introduction in this video to help you pronounce days well.

Since rarely does anyone use days of the week in its Nominative form:

1. Ponedeljak = Monday = Понедељак
2. Utorak = Tuesday = Уторак
3. Sreda = Wednesday = Среда
4. Četvrtak = Thursday = Четвртак
5. Petak = Friday = Петак
6. Subota = Saturday = Субота
7. Nedelja = Sunday = Недеља

Let me share with you a few exercises at three different levels:
A. Days of the Week in Serbian

a. Flashcards
b. Matching game
c. Gravity game
d. Test

B: What are you doing on + DAY ( Accusative case )?  = Šta radiš u subotu?
Let's practice together:
C: Words "svaki / sledeći / naredni / drugi + day "will trigger the Genitive case of both the adjective and the noun in the question:"What are you doing next Monday?" = "Šta radiš sledećeg ponedeljka?"
Let's practice together:

a. Flashcards
b. Matching game
c. Gravity game
d. Test

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Serbian Vowels Pronounced

Let me announce that the time of low quality video lessons is over. I am sure you will enjoy watching one of the introductory videos on how to pronounce Serbian vowels with a brand new tool :)

Serbian Vowels

Although there are only five + one vowels in Serbian: A, E, I, O & U + R, one must take into account that there is also a distinction between long and short vowels. This difference is not seen in orthography, but the stressed ones are more often the longer ones. 

Today I simply want to introduce you to the simplicity of the pronunciation of the basic five vowels, and then in the following videos we'll work on the pronunciation of the "sixth vowel" in Serbian, the syllable forming R, as well as the long and short vowel pronunciation and stress within a word. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to Pronounce Serbian R?

How to Pronounce Serbian R?

If you patiently listen to Nada Zeković until the very end of the video below, you'll find out what is the secret of the accurate pronunciation of the Serbian "r". Verovali ili ne,  the secret is in its vibration :) Watch, listen, repeat and practice!

  • The position of the tip of the tongue is upfront, behind the upper front  teeth.
  • Besides, there's a slight vibration. (Listen to Nada comparing Spanish and Serbian name "Oskar" )

Advice on How to Pronounce Serbian R?

According to Nada, the best way is to practice by :
  • simply running round the house saying the vibrant "rrrrr" :)
  • focusing on sound clusters such as "pr" (pravo, prvi, pre, preko, prošlo...), and later on other words with this sound!
Best of luck!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Serbian Pronunciation Practice with Đ and DŽ

If you started learning Serbian and you are confused as to what might be the difference between DŽ and Đ sounds, let me help you by taking you through these five steps:

Step 1
Which of these two sounds is softer to your ear ? 
Dž/dž (or Џ џ  in Cyrillic)


Đ / đ (or in Cyrillic script: Ђ ђ)?

Step 2: If you don't hear ANY difference, let me tell you that the sound Đ is much softer than DŽ.
*You'll get this sound to be softer, i.e. produce Đ, by pressing the tongue onto the lower teeth. Repeat "đ" several times and feel the tongue low, behind the teeth, touching them.

*To get the harsh "DŽ" curl your tongue behind the upper teeth, slightly above them. You'll notice that the sound becomes less soft as you raise your tongue upwards. (even curling it backwards). Now repeat it several times.

Step 3: Try to contrast the soft Đ with harsh DŽ, paying attention to the tongue position and listening to yourself. Can you hear the difference ?

Now it's time to practise with minimal pairs and not-so-minimal pairs, because there aren't that many words with Đ and DŽ:

Step 4:
Listen and repeat:
  • đak              džak
  • leđa             odžak
  • đinđuva       dživdžan
  • ceđenje        karakondžula
  • đubre           dželat
  • đurđevak     džanarika
  • đakonije      džangrizalo
  • đavo            džem
  • đevrek         džemper

Step 5:
Encircle the word you hear me say:
  1. đubre     džak        đak           odžak
  2. đevrek   džaba       đavo         džem
  3. džoker   đon          džomba     đozluci
  4. džudo    đevrek     džukela     đuveč
  5. ceđenje  dživdžan  đinđuva    dželat  
For more pronunciation practice visit the previous blog posts tagged "pronunciation in Serbian"

Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Pronounce Serbian "LJ" ?

For learners of Serbian as a foreign language often times it's difficult to pronounce the Serbian sound "LJ" or "Љ" correctly. That's because some students tend to pronounce "L" and then "J" separately. If you'd like to make your pronunciation of "lj" perfect, follow these steps:

  1. Try to say "L", as in English word "love". Where is your tongue ? Up or down ?
  2. Try to say "J", as in English word "yes". Where is your tongue ? Up or down ?
  3. Right, so you noticed that in "L" the tongue is up, just behind your upper  teeth, while with "J", the tongue is down. If you want to say "lj" correctly, the tongue mustn't move from the upward position downwards, because it's one sound.
  4. Now, keep your  tongue as if you want to pronounce "J" as in "yes", because it's the right tongue position for the perfect "lj", and at the same time try to pronounce "L", WITHOUT raising your tongue upwards. What happens ? Did you hear your first "lj" ? Now keep practising !
Keep your tongue low, as if you want to pronounce "J" (as in "yes") sound, but say "L" (as in "love")

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Learn Serbian 365 Days with Songs and Poems - Branko Miljković

If you are at upper-intermediate or advanced level of Serbian, I'm sure you'll fall in love with this poem at first sight/hearing :) Zaljubićete se u ovu pesmu Branka Miljkovića na prvi pogled / prvo slušanje :)

If you are not sure about the words and the meanings, you'll  find it on this lyricstranslation.com page.
For all those who'd like to practise the Genitive case after the preposition "zbog" = because of, here is the exercise based on this magnificient poem.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Serbian Pronunciation - Lj and Nj

Let's practise pronunciation of the Serbian letters "lj" and "nj". In the video you'll be able to see their counterparts in the Cyrillic script. Try to listen and repeat:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Serbian Pronunciation - Daily Podcast about Greetings

If you want to practise your pronunciation and recognition of the letters "č", "ć", "š", "s", "đ" and "d", listen to this video without watching first. Try to figure out if Jeremija makes any mistakes when pronouncing greetings in Serbian, and then watch the video. Have fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Serbian Podcast - Video with Explanations

Practise the Cyrillic script while listening to the video podcast: 

Представница Србије Мина Милутиновић победила на такмичењу “Miss World Next Top Model”!

Победница на овогодишњем такмичењу “Miss World Next Top Model” у Бејруту је представница Србије Мина Милутиновић. Мина се у оштрој конкуренцији лепотица из целог света истакла харизмом, маркантним цртама лица и савршеном фигуром.
Седамнаестогодишња представница Србије из Смедеревске Паланке освојила је прво место и заслужено однела победу у оштрој борби 38 лепотица, а поред круне и ленте, добила је и огрлицу. Друго место припало је представници Тајланда Каники Кункаео, док се на трећем месту нашла Улијана Бердишева, представници Русије.

Четврто место заузела је Дијана Милојковић, такође из Србије, која је поред ове титуле понела и ленту за најлепшу вечерњу тоалету.
Мина је чланица модне агенције “Crystal Model Agency”.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Most Beautiful Poems in Serbian Language

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Verb Conjugations in Serbian - "To Think = Misliti"

If you are interested in conjugations of other verbs in different tenses, feel free to leave a comment with your wish :-)

All the conjugations can be seen either on our http://skolasrpskog.com/learnserbian-podcast "Your Reference" pages or via our Video Channel on Youtube

If you are just a beginner, I'd recommend you join our monthly newsletter called Aktivator and make the most of our weekly meetings and access to the hidden pages.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to Pronounce Serbian ''š, č, đ, ć"

Jedina by Zdravko Čolić

Ostani, da ti kažem nesto ___________
Ostani, ovaj dan je bio ___________
Ostani da ne budem __________ sam
jer je tuga sve __________ znam.

___________ mi
makar bajke bile to
___________ mi
ti ____ otjerati zlo
___________ mi
nek me umire na __________
tvoje ruke i tvoj glas.


Ti si jedina od svih
koja _________ kada treba
ti si sunce moga neba
tebi mogu _________ sve.

Ti si jedina od svih
koja tajne moje __________
ti si moja ljubav prva
za mnom _________ bilo gdje.

nisi ista ali ________
da mi opet snage _______
_________ mi
nek me umire na ________
tvoje ruke i tvoj glas.


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Pronunciation of the Verb To Be in Serbian

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Practise Personal Pronouns in Serbian

Pronoun for the First Person Plural:
WE = mi

nas (from us)
nama (to us)
nas (us)
s nama (with us)
o nama (about us)

Possessive Adjective for the
First Person Plural:
OUR = naš
Fem. naša sestra
Masc. naš brat
Neuter. naše dete

Fem. našE sestrE
Masc. našA braćA
Neuter. našA decA

Now, enjoy listening to this 'ancient' song and filling the gaps:

Ljubav _______ (to us) više nije prijatelj
ponekad svrati ___________ (only) kao gost
zašto se ljubav gubi _________ (without) traga
__________ (my) draga?

Do juče smo se lepo __________ (we lied)
i verovali slepo u ________ __________ (that lie)
____________ (why) se ljubav gubi bez traga
moja ________________ (darling)?


_________ (where) je sad tvoj Beograd
gde _________ (is) sad moj Beograd
_________ _______ (where is) sad tvoj Beograd
a gde _______ (are) sada _____ (you)
a gde _______ (am) sada ______ (I) ?

Sreća nam _________ (more) nije dobar drug
sa __________ (us) trči poslednji put
zašto se ljubav ___________ (it disappears) bez traga
________ (my) draga?

Sad život __________ (our) ne vredi kao pre
a i vreme kao da _____________ (to us) izmiče
zašto se ljubav gubi bez ____________ (trace)
___________ (my) draga ?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fill in the gaps with Ć, Č, Đ, DŽ

Imao otac sedam sinova, sedam sva_alica. Sva_ajući se zanemariše sav ku_ni posao i sve im po_e naopako.

Bilo je sebi_nih i r_avih suseda koji su se radovali njihovom sva_anju i njihov nazadak skretali su na svoju korist. Lako je grabiti onde gde nema ko da _uva, kad se _uvari me_u sobom sva_aju.

Videvši da će biti zlo i naopako, otac se veoma zabrinu. Jedanput skupi sinove oko sebe, pa im pokaza sedam prutova povezanih u jedan snop i re_e:

- Koji od vas ovaj snop prelomi, onome _u dati deset dukata.

Sedam sinova pokuša da prelomi snop:probali su ovako i onako. I naposletku svaki re_e da ne može.

A otac će im onda:
- _udim se da ne možete, jer je to sasvim lako.

On odreši uzicu kojom je bio snop vezan, štapi_i se razmakoše i on jedan po jedan prelomi bez po muke.

Sinovi su se nasmejali:
- E, to je lako! Tako bi moglo i nejako dete!

Otac završi:
- Evo vam, deco, slike i prilike vaše. Ne budete li snop, bi_ete sedam prutova koje, kao što ste sami rekli, može slomiti i nejako dete.

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

Gde je ključ? Где је кључ? - Učimo srpski sa Marinom
Gde je ključ? ...
Where is the Key?-...
By Marina Petrović
Photo book