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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Textbooks for Learning Serbian - Where are Kids?

My latest textbook is finally visible on Amazon :) I have created a video lesson for you, based on the first few pages. This is just an introduction in which you can practice one of the most commonly confused language chunks in Serbian:
  • I am going to ...  = idem u + accusative case e.g. idem u park - idem u prirodu
  • I am in / at = ja sam u/na + locative case e.g. ja sam u parku - ja sam u prirodi

As you can see, the page numbers are here and there, so you can learn the following phrases:

  • U gornjem desnom uglu = at the top right corner
  • U donjem levom uglu = at the bottom left corner
  • Na sredini = in the middle
This book also has all the letters (slova) of the Cyrillic alphabet hidden in it - all you have to do is look carefully. Once it was published it took me ages to find a few letters, they are hidden soooo well! The most important thing is that all 30 letters are in the book!

  • Koliko ste našli slova? 
  • Gde ste ih našli?
  • Koje slovo je bilo najteže naći?

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