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Monday, February 17, 2020

Serbian 501 - Money Collocations

Common Money Collocations in Serbian

In this lesson we are expanding our vocabulary by learning the collocations about money. Let me list the verbs in both imperfective and perfective aspect, which commonly collocate with the word money (novac or pare)

  • Trošiti - potrošiti novac: to spend money
  • Pozajmljivati - pozajmiti  novac: to borrow/lend money
  • Davati - dati  novac: to give money
  • Štedeti - uštedeti  novac: to save money
  • Bacati - baciti  novac: to throw money away
  • Zarađivati - zaraditi  novac: to earn money
  • Dobijati - dobiti  novac: to get money
  • Skupljati - skupiti  novac: to raise money 

Practicing Money Collocations in Serbian

The common examples are in the following exercise: 

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