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Monday, August 15, 2022

Serbian 102 - Locative Exercises

Today we are practicing how to say where you are in Serbian with the following words: 

Places in City in Serbian

  1. BANK: Banka - u banci 
  2. CHURCH: Crkva - u crkvi 
  3. BUILDING: Zgrada - u zgradi
  4. GALLERY: Galerija - u galeriji 
  5. PHARMACY: Apoteka - u apoteci 
  6. MUSEUM: Muzej - u muzeju
  7. PARKING: Parking - na parkingu
  8. AERODROM: Aerodrom - na aerodromu 

Gde ste? Where are you?

Time to practice pronunciation

Serbian 102 - Locative Exercises

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Textbooks for Learning Serbian - Where are Kids?

My latest textbook is finally visible on Amazon :) I have created a video lesson for you, based on the first few pages. This is just an introduction in which you can practice one of the most commonly confused language chunks in Serbian:
  • I am going to ...  = idem u + accusative case e.g. idem u park - idem u prirodu
  • I am in / at = ja sam u/na + locative case e.g. ja sam u parku - ja sam u prirodi

As you can see, the page numbers are here and there, so you can learn the following phrases:

  • U gornjem desnom uglu = at the top right corner
  • U donjem levom uglu = at the bottom left corner
  • Na sredini = in the middle
This book also has all the letters (slova) of the Cyrillic alphabet hidden in it - all you have to do is look carefully. Once it was published it took me ages to find a few letters, they are hidden soooo well! The most important thing is that all 30 letters are in the book!

  • Koliko ste našli slova? 
  • Gde ste ih našli?
  • Koje slovo je bilo najteže naći?

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Serbian 301 - Adjectives in Locative

Before we start working on Serbian adjective suffixes in the Locative case, let's listen to this beautiful song, where you'll get acquainted with one of the suffixes and learn it without thinking much about grammar:

U Novom Sadu,
u Novom Sadu hej
u Novom Sadu hej
ostadoh kraj tebe

Ref. 2x
Oj Jelena oj Jelice
zagrli me, polubi me

Kraj tamburaša
i dobrog vina hej
u Novom Sadu hej
ostadoh zbog tebe

Ref. 2x

Čim zora svane
i sunce grane hej
u Novom Sadu hej
šaljem ti poljubce.

Ref. 2x

U Novom Sadu
u Novom Sadu hej
ostaću kraj tebe
moj slatki Anđele
Ref. 2x

Now, let's try to do the following exercise:

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Serbian 102 - Nominative, Accusative and Locative

Let me tell you that the fifth book for learning Serbian is ready to be published. Here comes one exercise based from it. Let me know if it is useful and if you need more of these?

Friday, November 01, 2019

Srpski 102 - Lokativ, drugi deo

I am sure you managed to find all the page numbers in the book Ko je ko? Here comes a mobile friendly exercise to help you with pages number 28 to 26. Have fun

Don't forget to flick through the pages in the sample version. If you like it, the book can be purchased through Amazon, or at a special price for the bulk purchase, for the followers of the blog through my BookMe page :)

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

Gde je ključ? Где је кључ? - Učimo srpski sa Marinom
Gde je ključ? ...
Where is the Key?-...
By Marina Petrović
Photo book