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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Verb Conjugations in Serbian - "To Think = Misliti"

If you are interested in conjugations of other verbs in different tenses, feel free to leave a comment with your wish :-)

All the conjugations can be seen either on our http://skolasrpskog.com/learnserbian-podcast "Your Reference" pages or via our Video Channel on Youtube

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weena said...

How do you say it as a command, as in a shortened version of "you should think!"

Hvala puno!

Btw, I'm a Filipino who's interested in the language because I'm a huge Nole fan! ajde!

Marina said...

Hi Nole fan!
"You should think" = Treba da misliš/razmisliš" or to make it really short "Razmišljaj!"

weena said...

Hvala puno!

I will really try to visit this site often. I really appreciate this.

Have a nice day!

Marina said...

Hvala! Da li gledaš Noleta sada? (Are you watching Nole now?)

Marina said...

Here's the pronunciation link

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