Sunday, October 2, 2011

Practise Locative in Serbian

Imagine where some objects are, and play this game with your friend by
asking these questions: 
Singular = Jednina: 
Da li je sat u dnevnoj sobi ? = Is the clock in the living room ? 
Da / Ne
Znači ovo je dnevna soba? Baš je lepa ! = So this is the living room ? 
It is really beautiful/nice (lep - lepa - lepo)
Plural = Množina: 
Da li su stolice na balkonu ? = Are the chairs on the balcony ?
Da /Ne
Znači ovo je balkon ? Baš je prostran! = This is the balcony ? 
It is really spacious (prostran - prostrana - prostrano)

p.s. you can also check out the gapped quizz with the song. 

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