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Numbers in Serbian

Brojevi na srpskom
0 - nula- нула
1 - jedan- један
2 - dva - два
3 - tri - три
4 - četiri - четири
5 - pet- пет
6 - šest- шест
7 - sedam- седам
8 - osam- осам
9 - devet- девет
10 - deset - десет
11 - jedanaest- једанаест
12 - dvanaest- дванаест
13 - trinaest - тринаест
14 - četrnaest - четрнаест
15 - petnaest- петнаест
16 - šesnaest- шеснаест
17 - sedamnaest- седамнаест
18 - osamnaest- осамнаест
19 - devetnaest- деветнаест
20 - dvadeset - двадесет

Many thanks to the blog follower who added the reply to the question about the numbers from 20-100! Hope this AUDIO helps as well!
Numbers like 21 are written separately, for example: dvadeset jedan (except when filling in cheques and similar)

Breakfast in Serbian


ČAJ - teaJAK ČAJ - strong teaSA LIMUNOM - with lemonSA RUMOM - with rumJAJA - eggsOMLET - omletteJAJA NA OKO - eggs sunny-side-upOMLET SA ŠUNKOM - ham and eggsKAJGANA - scrambled eggsKAFA - coffeeSA MLEKOM - with milkKAKAO - cocoaHLEB - breadPEKMEZ / DŽEM - jamMED - honeyMASLAC - butterSIR - cheesePAVLAKA - sour creamPAHULJICE - flakesJOGURT - youghurt

Let's practise asking questions in Serbian

Characteristics in context

TO BE & ADJECTIVES for different genders

Adjectives describing Masculine nouns in Sg (Singular) take no endings (on je bogat), while the same adjectives describing Fem. Sg nouns take -a (ona je bogata), while with Sg. Neuter nouns the ending is -o (bogato selo). Plural, masc. adj. take an -i ending (ljudi su bogati), fem. adj. take -e (žene su lepe), and neuter adj. take -a (deca su visoka). In some cases, there are some changes in pronunciation, with adjectives ending in -N, or -K, for example (on je gladan - ona je gladna) - but there will be a special post on that subject.

For the sake of clarity, let's do a simple exercise with adjectives which have no pronunciation changes. The answer key is in the comment. If you want me to record the answer, just drop me a line.

A Short Adjective Story:

Andrew is tall. He is very handsome. His wife Lilly is also tall and pretty. They have a son, called Tom. He is very good. They are now at home. Their house is big, because they are ric…


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