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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Numbers in Serbian

Brojevi na srpskom

0 - nula - нула
1 - jedan
- један
2 - dva - два
3 - tri - три
4 - četiri - четири
5 - pet - пет
6 - šest
- шест
7 - sedam - седам
8 - osam
- осам
9 - devet - девет
10 - deset - десет
11 - jedanaest - једанаест
12 - dvanaest
- дванаест
13 - trinaest - тринаест
14 - četrnaest - четрнаест
15 - petnaest - петнаест
16 - šesnaest
- шеснаест
17 - sedamnaest - седамнаест
18 - osamnaest
- осамнаест
19 - devetnaest - деветнаест
20 - dvadeset - двадесет

Many thanks to the blog follower who added the reply to the question about the numbers from 20-100! Hope this AUDIO helps as well!
Numbers like 21 are written separately, for example: dvadeset jedan (except when filling in cheques and similar)


Anonymous said...

may i ask how we can say 21 , 22 etc?

Anonymous said...

1 jedan – one
2 dva – two
3 tri – three
4 četiri – four
5 pet – five
6 šest – six
7 sedam – seven
8 osam – eight
9 devet – nine
10 deset - ten
11 jedanaest - eleven
12 dvanaest - twelve
13 trinaest – thirteen
14 četrnaest – fourteen
15 petnaest – fifteen
16 šesnaest – sixteen
17 sedamnaest – seventeen
18 osamnast – eignteen
19 dvetnaest – nineteen
20 dvadeset – twenty
21 dvadeset jedan – twenty one
22 dvadeset dva – twenty two
30 trideset - thirty
31 trideset jedan – thirty one
40 četrdeset – forty
50 pedeset – fifty
60 šezdeset – sixty
70 sedamdeset – seventy
80 osamdeset – eighty
90 devedeset – ninety
100 sto (stotinu) – one hundred

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