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Thursday, February 04, 2010

How to use Adjectives in Serbian

I have already written about a special relationship between adjectives and nouns in Serbian. Just to remind you, adjectives not only change according to Sg/Pl, but also according to gender and case. Therefore, I'll continue with my exercises for different categories. I hope Ivan will be willing to record the answers for you, when he comes back from school (I'll post the link here).
Adjectives + Singular Nouns in Nominative (from the previous post)
adjectives: LEP / JAK / VISOK / VELIK / SKUP
  1. ___________ knjiga. (book)
  2. ___________ momak. (young man)
  3. ___________ automobil. (car)
  4. ___________ nos. (nose)
  5. ___________ zgrada. (building)
  6. ___________ kuća. (house)
  7. ___________ sto. (table)
  8. ___________ torba. (bag)
  9. ___________ dete. (child)
  10. ___________ zrno. (grain)
Adjectives + Plural Nouns in Nominative:
adjectives: LEP / JAK / VISOK / VELIK / SKUP
(beautiful/strong/tall/big, large/expensive)
*Try to use all the adjectives that collocate with the nouns as follows:
For example:
lepE / velikE / skupE knjigE:
  1. ___________ momCI.
  2. ___________ automobilI.
  3. ___________ nosEVI.
  4. ___________ zgradE.
  5. ___________ kućE.
  6. ___________ stoLOVI.
  7. ___________ torbE.
  8. ___________ deCA.
  9. ___________ zrnA.
  10. ___________ devojke. (young girls)
Audio answer (make sure you are logged in as a guest, if you want to hear the MP3 file)


Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for creating this site.
My husband is Serbian and I have been trying to find the most useful forms of studying material so I can learn.
I appreciate the fact that you do not expect financial gain from this but rather allow people access to this knowledge in a very warm introduction to the language.
Thanks again,

Krystal Danilovic

Marina said...

You are very welcome, Krystal! Since I have so little feedback on this blog, I am never sure if I am helping anyone or not. I wish I had more time to dedicate to this site and skolasrpskog.com, and your comment is really encouraging :o) Hvala!

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