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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Latin Alphabet to/from Cyrillic Serbian Script

Here comes a great link to script conversion. I needed some urgent Latin to Cyrillic script conversion yesterday night, and after trying out a few sites, this one proved to be the best.

So, let's try it out by rewriting the following Serbian proverb from the Cyrillic script into Latin Alphabet:

Ко не плати руком, он ће душом.

Now let's translate the phrase to English using online dictionaries (you might get different funny sentences):

1. Who do not pays handful , him will sweetheart.
2. Who doesn't pay the hand, it is soul.

Well, does it make sense? Does anyone have an idea what the correct translation is?


Ivan Gligorijevic said...

I don't know about the best best form, but the 2 proposed translations are not good. Maybe it could be translated as: "He who doesn't pay with the hand, will pay with his soul". Paying with the hand probably refers to money. Hope I helped...

Marina said...

Thanks for the wonderful translation, Ivan !

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