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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vowels in Serbian

There are five vowels in the Serbian language: a, e, i, o, u.

*A: ako (if), tavan (attic), ali (but), auto (car)

*E: evo (here), ekser (nail), med (honey), lep (beautiful)

*I: imati (to have), ili (or), iako (although), ići (to go)

*O: ovo (this), ono (that), oko (eye), brod (ship)

*U: u (in), uvo (ear), zub (tooth), uspeh (success)

However, in some words, the so called 'syllable forming r' (slogotvorno r) plays the vowel role. That's why some words in Serbian are difficult to pronounce. Let's practise together on our Pronunciation Site:

* R : prst (finger), krst (cross), srce (heart), Srpski (Serbian), pržiti (to fry)

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Ahoythere said...

Out of interest, I've copied down the Slovak equivalents under the Serbian words.

ako (if), tavan (attic), ali (but), auto (car)
ako (as if),manzarda, ale, auto

evo (here), ekser (nail), med (honey), lep (beautiful)
tu (here), ? , med , krásny

imati (to have), ili (or), iako (although), ići (to go)
Mať, alebo, hoci, isť,

ovo (this), ono (that), oko (eye), brod (ship)
ten/to, ten/to/tamto, oko, lod’,

u (in), uvo (ear), zub (tooth), uspeh (success)
v/vo, ucho, zub, úspech,

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