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Friday, February 15, 2013

Serbian Language 365 Day 4 - Advanced Levels

For upper-intermediate and advance levels of Serbian I enjoy creating detective stories, where students have  to actively use the language, learn about the Serbian history, culture, customs and language. They ask questions, write e-mails and direct the "investigation".

On Fridays, I intend to share just the beginnings of these stories with you, along with the grammar exercises. So far I've completed the following series of lessons:
  • Ubistvo u radnoj sobi (pre-intermediate)
  • Misterija otrovanog piva (pre-intermediate to intermediate)
  • Tajna drevnog buzdovana (intermediate to upper-intermediate & advanced levels)
  • Petar BlOgojević - prvi srpski vampir (intermediate to upper-intermediate & advanced levels)
  • Ko je zabiberio kulen ? (upper-intermediate & advanced levels)
  • Misterija slavskog kolača (final test for intermediate Serbian202 course)
  • Maglovite četvrti srpskih gradova (beginner to pre-intermediate)

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