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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Serbian for Beginners - Let's Conjugate Together

Video with Verb Conjugations

This video is made for you to practise conjugating Serbian verbs in the Simple Present tense. For more advanced students, this video lesson can be also used for making sentences in the past or future tense or in the conditionals.
  • imati = to have
  • videti = to see
  • voleti = to like
together with nouns which denote:

  • places
  • plants and animals
  • colours
  • entertainment


Let's see how many sentences you can make! Make sure you make the negative sentences as well (nemam, ne volim, ne vidim)... and don't forget the Accusative case!!!

For example:

  • Vidim Ajfelov toranj
  • Ne volim cveće
  • Nemam mačke i ne volim mačke
  • Imam kuče i volim kučiće
  • Na ovoj slici vidim pozorište, ali ne volim da idem u pozorište
p.s. this video is taken from Serbian 102 course ideal for the false beginners and elementary level students.

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