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Common Mistakes in Serbian - 2

Another fun video about the most common mistakes in Serbian is coming your way:
Common Mistakes in Serbian
So, which of these are the correct options:

a. bombona
b. bonbona
c. ne bi
d. ne bih
e. nizašta
f. ni za šta

Learn Serbian Phrases with Beogradski Sindikat 1

I guess it is just the perfect time to learn a bunch of commonly used phrases and collocations in Serbian with a newly released song "Sistem te laže" by Beogradski sindikat.

I created a new kind of exercise, with dropdown suggested answers, so you don't need to write while listening to the song, but simply click on the option you hear. You can also try to do the exercise before listening to the song, in order to guess what's missing. 

Make sure you listen to the song once again, following the same lyrics in the Cyrillic script!

Common Mistakes in Serbian

I must tell you that I am more than happy that there has been more and more educational videos about the Serbian language. They cover different topics, such as:
Pronunciation of Serbian with NadaSerbian Grammar  - Jezičke nedoumice Common mistakes in Serbian - Negujmo srpski Today I wanted to present the series of short videos about the most common mistakes in Serbian called Negujmo srpski jezik! The first video in the series is about the words "all" and "he acted". Common Mistakes in Serbian - sve or svo?

After listening to this video can you tell which of  the mentioned words is correct (tačna) and which one is incorrect (netačna): svesvoglumeoglumio You can use the following form to say what you think: 
Mislim da je reč "svo" netačna / tačna.
Let' check the correct answers:

Learn Common Serbian Phrases with Mikela

If you liked the previous post about the common Serbian phrases, I am sure you will like the following set of phrases people tend to use in  daily conversations when they meet the friends they haven't seen for quite a while.

I will add a translation next to the each phrase, so you can see what is only natural to ask if you have a friend who is from Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro or Croatia :) You will see that there are no "safe" topics about the weather though, lol:)

Đesi ba?* = Where are you? =what's up?
šta ima? = what's up?
kako si? = how are you?
šta radiš? = what are you doing?
ima li šta novo da me iznenadiš? 
= is there anything new to surprise me?

Kad si doš'o? = When did you come back?
kad se vraćaš? = when are you coming back?
vidiš li ti ovo? = can you see what's happening?
i kako ti to shvaćaš? = and what's your take on that?

Šta planiraš danas? = What are your plans for today? (what are you gonna do?)
jesi l' sutra šta planiro? = have you planned an…


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