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Monday, May 09, 2016

15 Most Frequent Adjectives in Serbian

When I started teaching Serbian I relied on the textbooks which taught commonly used adjectives one might need, such as "gladan" (hungry), "žedan" (thirsty), "lep" (beautiful), srećan (happy), tužan (sad) etc. This makes sense, doesn't it?

However, when I flicked through the list of the most frequently used adjectives I was surprised to find out that none of the "useful" ones was listed!!! That's why I made three sets of Quizlet exercises and recorded the pronunciation for the each of the 15 most frequent adjectives in Serbian, so you can learn them by choosing the activity you like best:
  1. Flash cards
  2. Learning activity
  3. Spelling activity
  4. Tests
  5. Scatter game
  6. Gravity game
  7. Spacerace game 

15 Most Frequent Adjectives in Serbian - Masc. Sg. Form

15 Most Frequent Adjectives in Serbian - Fem. Sg. Form

15 Most Frequent Adjectives in Serbian - Neut. Sg. Form

If you just started learning Serbian it can prove useful simply to do different quizlet activities to help you understand as much as possible at first. The most beautiful thing with Quizlet activities is that you can learn by playing games of Gravity and Spacerace! You can also access Quizlet on your mobile and practice while you are commuting! Finally, they are free (no need to buy anything, just register through Fb og Google to track your results, nothing more)!

Next time we'll practice these words in context!

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