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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Serbian Adjective HAPPY - Part 5

Serbian Adjective HAPPY

In the previous lessons about the adjectives in Nominative, we learnt the forms of the adjective HAPPY just for Sg. Masc and Feminine. Here comes the list with all the forms:

Masc. Sg. SREĆAN
Neut. Sg. SREĆNO

Masc. Pl. SREĆNI
Neut. Pl. SREĆNA

Let's expand our short sentences into longer ones, by combining it with the reason - why someone is happy:

Conjugation of the Verb to Go to

In order to figure out how to make the previous sentences, take a look at the conjugations of the verb TO GO = ići:

The full video with the slow pronunciation and explanation and exercises will be posted for my Patreons. Many thanks for supporting these short n fun video lessons - Hvala!

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