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Serbian Lessons with Subtitles and Exercises

I am so happy to share this video lesson which is 100% in Serbian with subtitles. I am sure they will help you hear what I am saying better. After the video there is an exercise which is made based on the text, a bit changed though.

Super Easy Serbian - Family Vocabulary with Exercises

I hope you are enjoying learning with my video lessons and doing the follow up tasks, such as these ones:

Today, I am sharing a brand new explanation with you and exercise from the course which focuses on vocabulary describing family and friends.

Here are all the links to the exercises covering this video lesson:
1. Quizlets with MY: moj-mojA-mojE-mojI-mojE-mojA + Family members
Flashcards Learn exercise Match Gravity 2. LearnClick, based on this lesson: version A (verb conjugations of zvati se i biti), version B (possessive adjectives and paricle se)


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