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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Serbian 101 - International Vocabulary

Serbian 101 - International Vocabulary

This is a fun game for real beginners in Serbian. There is a list of international words which are commonly used in the Serbian language and I made a memory game with it. Have fun playing the game and asking each other questions:

1. "Kako se kaže ... na srpskom?" = How do you say ... in Serbian?
2. Šta znači ...? = What does ... mean?

 International Vocabulary

  • Telefon = telephone
  • Kafa = coffee
  • Auto = automobile (car)
  • Mobilni = mobile/cell phone
  • Taksi = taxi
  • Monitor = monitor
  • Kompjuter = computer 
  • Mikrofon = microphone
  • Đus = juice
  • Pica = pizza

Game with International Vocabulary in Serbian

Exercises with International Vocabulary in Serbian

Test with International Vocabulary in Serbian

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