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Thursday, November 15, 2018

This and That, Here and There in Serbian

Today we are learning how to say:
  1. THIS = ovaj - ova - ovo 
  2. THESE= ovi - ove - ova 
  3. THAT = onaj - ona - ono 
  4. THOSE oni - one - ona 
  5. HERE = ovde / tu 
  6. THERE = onde / tamo 
  7. EVO GA = here it is (it = him/it) 
  8. EVO JE = here it is (it = her)

1. Ovo je sat = This is a clock. Evo ga =Here it is!

2. Ovo je slika = This is a picture. Evo je = Here it is!

3. Sat je ovde, a slika je onde = The clock is here, the picture is there.

The link to the game is here: https://www.hiddenobjectgames.com/game/Hidden+Kitchen
After watching the video you can try to do an exercise based on my sentences:

The link to the google form with answers: https://goo.gl/forms/YByFcGrhH0vviDlG3

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Geography Lesson 1 - Serbian Accusative and Genitive

One of the best ways to learn SErbian is by playing games. I have recently found this website for learning Geography called Online Seterra and while playing this game, I made the following video  lesson for you:

A follow up exercise coming soon!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Learning Serbian with Games - Relative Pronouns

Today we are going to practice relative pronouns in Serbian in a fun way!

Relative pronouns /question words which and who in Serbian also change according to the number and gender, so I want you here to have fun playing a memory game + use a bit more complex sentences, such as:

  1. Vidim čoveka koji radi na kompjuteru.
  2. Vidim čoveka koji nosi kapu. 
  3. Vidim ženu koja razgovara s nekim. 
  4. Vidim dete koje nosi haljinu. 
Although the verb VIDETI to see, requires the accusative case, I'll list all the forms (declensions) of ko and koji below. 

Nominative - ko/ koji = who /which
  • čovek koji radi = a man who is working
  • žena kojA radi = a woman who is working
  • dete kojE radi = a child who is working
  • ljudi koji rade = people who are working
  • žene kojE rade = women who are working
  • deca kojA rade = children who are working
Genitive  - from whom / which
  • od kojeg(a) / kog(a) čoveka  
  • od koje žene  
  • od kog deteta
  • od kojih ljudi
  • od kojih žena
  • od koje dece
Dative - to whom / which
  • kojem / kom čoveku
  • kojoj ženi 
  • kojem / kom detetu
  • kojim ljudima
  • kojim ženama
  • kojim ljudima

Accusative - who(m) /which
  • kojeg / kog čoveka (animate category = gen.) ili koji hamburger (inanimate category)
  • koju ženu  
  • koje dete
  • koje ljude
  • koje žene
  • koju decu
Instrumental - with who(m) / which
  • sa kojim čovekom 
  • sa kojom ženom
  • sa kojim detetom 
  • sa kojim ljudima
  • sa kojim ženama
  • sa kojom decom

Locative - about who(m)/which
  • o kojem / kom čoveku
  • o kojoj ženi 
  • o kojem / kom detetu
  • o kojim ljudima
  • o kojim ženama
  • o kojim ljudima

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Learning Serbian with Games

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

Gde je ključ? Где је кључ? - Učimo srpski sa Marinom
Gde je ključ? ...
Where is the Key?-...
By Marina Petrović
Photo book