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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Learning Serbian with Short and Easy Texts - Routines

Here comes a short text about routines both in Serbian and in English. I hope that my video will help you understand the text in Serbian. There is also a task to be done:
- After listening to me asking and answering questions, you can try to do the same - practice asking questions and giving answers, and recording all that on www.Vocaroo.com

1. Routines - missing verbs

2. Routines - missing pronouns

4. Link to the edited video  with questions and answers written and translated + additional exercises with questions and answers

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Studying Serbian with Short Stories

Here comes a new video lesson covering the following vocabulary:


  • taj pas / ti psi= dog/dogs
  • taj konj / ti konji = horse/horses
  • to jagnje / ta jagnjad = lamb/lambs
  • ta ovca / te ovce = sheep/sheep
  • taj ovan / ti ovnovi = ram/rams
  • ta žirafa /te žirafe = giraffe/giraffes
  • ta pčela / te pčele = bee/bees
  • taj pauk / ti pauci = spider/spiders
  • ta riba / te ribe = fish/fishes
  • taj delfin / ti deflfini = dolphin/dolphins
  • to mače / ti mačići = kitten /kittens
  • ta mačka / te mačke = cat/cats
  • taj mačak / ti mačori = tomcat/tomcats
  • taj tigar / ti tigrovi = tiger/tigers
  • ta zebra / te zebre = zebra/zebras

  • je = is
  • su = are
  • sviđati se  = to like (sviđa mi se ovaj pas = I like this dog)
  • videti = to see
  • zvati se = to be called 
  • porasti = to grow up
  • leteti = to fly
Functions used when expressing certainty/probability:

  • ovo je... = this is...
  • možda = maybe
  • sigurno = certainly/ for sure
  • ovo je sigurno... = this is a ... for sure
  • ovo je možda... = this is maybe a ...

Check out the previous lesson for beginners about rooms in a flat.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bear's Wedding in Serbian with Explanation

If you liked the first part of the story of Dundo Bear's Wedding, I am sure you've been eagerly waiting for its sequel :) Here it comes, but this time you'll be able to read the explanation, English translation and you'll have to answer a few questions before you hear what happened in the second part:

Let me know if you like it?
Javi mi da li ti se sviđa?

What do you think what is the next animal Dundo bear will come across?
Šta misliš na koju životinju će medo Dundo naići?

  • na vučicu?
  • na medvedicu?
  • na lasicu?
  • na zečicu?
  • na vevericu?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Short Stories in Serbian for Beginners

While preparing a new course based on simple, short stories in  Serbian via Udemy, I wanted to share a video lesson dedicated to the verb to be and rooms in a flat:

Ovo je moj stan. On nije mali. U prizemlju je kuhinja i trpezarija i mali toalet. Šta je ovo? Ovo je kuhinja. Šta je ovo? Ovo je trpezarija. Na prvom spratu je radna soba i tatina ordinacija. Na drugom spratu su spavaće sobe i velika dnevna soba. Sa leve strane su spavaće sobe. Sa desne strane je dečija soba i kupatilo.

Da li možete da pogodite koje su ovo sobe?
  1. Na ovoj slici je...
  2. Mislim da je ovo...
  3. Ovo je...
  4. Ovo je možda...
  5. Ovo je sigurno...
Da li možete da opišete svoj stan na sličan način?

English translation:

This is my apartment. It is not small. On the ground floor (there) is the kitchen and dining room and a small toilet. What is this? This is a kitchen. What is this? This is a dining room. On the first floor (there) is a study room and my dad's office. On the second floor (there) are bedrooms and a large living room. On the left side (there) are the bedrooms. To the right (there) are children's bedroom and a bathroom.

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

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