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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Serbian 201 - Comparatives

 Here comes a series of videos and exercises dedicated to comparison in Serbian:

Comparatives in Serbian 

Let's start with comparatives in Serbian. Watch the video and then try to play the games yourself:

Playing Games with Comparatives in Serbian

Stižu i linkovi za ostale vežbe:

4. Gravity 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Who is More Dangerous ?

I surely wasn't doing a great job tagging and linking the blog posts properly when I first started it back in 2007 - 2008. As it transpired, it seems there were only two posts covering the topic of comparison of adjectives in Serbian ! Shame on me ! This should be urgently fixed...

For now, try to compare the animals you see in the video sticking to the following sentence structure, using only the adjective "dangerous" = opasan (comparative : Singular: opasniji (masc) - opasnija(fem) - opasnije (neut.) Plural: opasniji (masc) - opasnije (fem) - opasnija (neut) )

  • For pre-intermediate level: Lav je opasniji od zebre (Gen. of "zebra")
  • For intermediate and upper levels: Mislim da je lav opasniji od zebre.

Animals in the video with their Genitive form:

  1. zebra - od zebre
  2. tigar  - od tigra
  3. ajkula - od ajkule
  4. orao - od orla
  5. medved = od medveda
  6. lav = od lava
  7. panda = od pande
  8. vuk = od vuka
  9. žirafa = od žirafe
  10. aligator = od aligatora
  11. golub = od goluba
  12. zmija = od zmije
  13. lane = od laneta

Monday, October 31, 2011

Comparatives of Serbian Adjectives in Context

This is actually one of the lessons I created in Serbian 201 course, so if you want to see it clearly feel free to check it out on my courses page, as I posted it as a free sample lesson.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adjective Comparison in Serbian

Want to practise comparing adjectives in Serbian ? Best way is to do it in relaxed atomsphere, while listening to "old-town songs" and  playing the comparison  game I made for you, rather than learning the myriads of sound change rules :) Hope you like it!

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