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Idiot's guide to the Cyrillic alphabet

During my sojourn in Montenegro, I encountered both the use of Latin and Cyrillic versions of the alphabet. This was a great opportunity to pick up and understand more of the Cyrillic alphabet.
Signs for streets & squares were in the Cyrillic alphabet, which is based on the one sound, one letter system. I had a steep learning curve in reading Cyrillic, particularly when I was trying to read the inscriptions on the Partizan memorials for my English compatriots!

Now I am sharing with you, dear blog readers, on how I started to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. I found it easier by breaking down the alphabet into sections. All in all, it took me just over 1 hour to get myself acquainted with the alphabet.
Click here to hear the audio

.................................................................................. THE FRIENDLY LETTERS (As they are exactly the same as in the latin alphabet) K M T O A E J
Examples words: ATOM, MAJKA
THE FALSE FRIENDS (Be aware - although they look the…

Proverbs - Poslovice

● Кад мачке нема, мишеви коло воде. - Kad mačke nema, miševi kolo vode.
o Translation: When cat is absent, mice dance. (When the cat is away, the mice will play.) o Le chat parti, les souris dansent.

● Нема ватре без дима. - Nema vatre bez dima.
o Translation: There is no fire without smoke. (Where there is smoke there is fire.) o Il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu

● Није злато све што сија. - Nije zlato sve što sija.
o Translation: Gold is not all that shines. (All that glitters is not gold.) o Les apparences sont trompeuses.

● Правити од комарца магарца. - Praviti od komarca magarca.
Translation: To make a donkey out of a mosquito. (To make a mountain out of a molehill.) o Faire d'une mouche un elephant.

● Што можеш данас, не остављај за сутра. - Što možeš danas, ne ostavljaj za sutra.

Translation: What you can do today do not leave off for tomorrow. (Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.) o Il ne faut jamais remettre au lende…

Crna Gora - Montenegro

After one week in the splendid mountains of Crna Gora, I am now missing the food! So I would like to share with you some visual displays of some of foods that I tried while I was in Crna Gora.

Crna Gora style Pita (Pie)

Posle nedelju dana u prelepim crnogorskim planinama, nedostaje mi hrana! Zbog toga bih želela da podelim sa vama nekoliko fotografija jela koje sam probala dok sam bila u Crnoj Gori. Pita u crnogorskom stilu (pie):

Only try this at home if you have a kitchen workspace or table enough! Simply amazing to watch!

Probajte samo u slučaju da imate dovoljno velik kuhinjski prostor ili sto! Prosto neverovatno za gledati!

A similar kind of method is also used to make Burek. I noticed that the bureks in Montenegro are different to the Serbian ones.

Sličan metod se takođe koristi za pravljenje bureka. Primetila sam da se burek u Crnoj Gori razlikuje od srpskog.

And then there is : Priganice (a kind of doughnut) that is eaten with the local cheese, honey and walnuts.

A tu su i priganice, …


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