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Let's Practise Conditionals in Serbian

1. Flick through this World Traveller magazine in Serbian and tell me which places you would visit this summer and why (make sure you add a reason from this online booklet ). Use the  conditional patterns:

Kad bih mogao/mogla da biram, posetio/posetila bih Egipat, zato što želim da vidim piramide.

2. Find the following info:

Kad bi otišli na letovanje u Španiju, kada bi mogli da kupite markice za razglednice u pošti ?Da odete na letovanje u Egipat, u kom periodu ne bi mogli da promenite novac u menjačnici ?Kada bi putovali u Rim, da li bi Vam trebala viza ?Da odlučite da dođete u Srbiju, a ljubitelj ste dobrog vina, koja mesta bi vredelo posetiti ?Ako bi želeli da vidite Kraljevu vinariju u Srbiji, podignutu 1931. godine, u koje mesto bi se uputili?

What Do You Like Most About Serbia ?

1. Which part of Serbia is worth visiting and why, according to Željko Joksimović ?

2. What does Goca Tržan feel sorry about ?

3. What does  Romana Panić find most impressive about Serbia ?

4. What is the competition about ?

5. What is the deadline for the entry submission ?

6. Where should you send your submissions to ?

7. What can you send to enter the competition ?

8. What are the prizes ?

Learning Serbian with Kefalica

Watch this video of "Kefalica" and enjoy learning Serbian while trying to figure out which are the correct answers to the following questions:
1. Ко је стриц ?
2. Ко је стрина ?
3. Ко је тетка
4. Ко је ујак ?
5. Да ли мама може да буде "ожењена" ?
6. Ко је унук ?
7. Ко је унука ?
8. Ко су све наши рођаци ?
--- 4мин.
9. Шта је карактер ?
10. Шта значи имати "чврст карактер" ?
11. Шта значи имати "јак карактер" ?
12. Шта значи имати "слаб карактер"? Пример ?

Serbian School Activator Revisited

In January I proudly presented my most beautiful site, and the new concept of teaching Serbian online, which I called SkolaSrpskog Activator. It's been working for six months now, and I am really satisfied with all the language materials I've created in this period:

1. My Youtube channel has 100 videos more (there were only about 20 up to 2011, and now there are 125, with 99 being visible).

2. The initial concept of an online session which was to consist of a language exercise, recipe and a song, has been changed, according to the feedback of all the subscribers. Still, at the end of each session, we enjoy singing one of the songs which I carefully choose each week.

3. I started adding all the explanations and exercises into pdf files, and also creating fun quizzes with the instand feedback. Some of the pages based on the situational phrases can be downloaded in pdf format from

4. During Easter, I organize…

Exit 2011

Watch this video and answer the following questions:

1. When (kad) does the festival take place ?
2. Where (gde) does it take place ?
3. How many (koliko) visitors will attend Exit ?
4. How many stages are there ?
5. Where can you find more info about Exi t2011 ?
Exit 2011 TimeLine

Serbian Film - Listening Exercise

Listen to this short video in Serbian and  answer the following  questions:

1. На којој висини је авион тренутно ? ___________

2. Колико ЈАТ има авиона ? _________

3. Колико година постојања слави ЈАТ ?

4. У ком периоду је превезено преко милион путника ?


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