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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How do I say my name and address in Serbian

Name and address in Serbian

Let's start with vocabulary covering the most essential phrases:

LIČNI PODACI = personal data

IME = first name
PREZIME = surname
LIČNA KARTA = identity card
PASOŠ = passport
MESTO ROĐENJA = place of birth
DATUM ROĐENJA = date of birth
STALNA ADRESA = permanent address
POŠTANSKA ADRESA = postal address
OŽENJEN = married (for men)
NEOŽENJEN = single (for men)
UDATA = married (for women)
NEUDATA = single (for women)
RAZVEDEN = divorced (for men)
RAZVEDENA = divorced (for women)
UDOVAC = widower
UDOVICA = widow
POL = sex
MALE = muški
FEMALE = ženski

How do I say my name and address in Serbian?

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