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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Internet phrases in Serbian

Internet fraze na srpskom

MOGU LI DA KORISTIM INTERNET ODAVDE? = Can I use the Internet from here?
KAKO DA SE PRIKLJUČIM = How can I connect?

KOJI JE VAŠ / TVOJ IMEJL = Which is your e-mail?
IMATE LI SVOJ VEB SAJT? = Do you have your own website?

ZAŠTO KONEKTOVANJE TRAJE TAKO DUGO? = Why does connecting take so much time?
DA LI U BLIZINI IMA INTERNET KAFE? = Is there an internet cafe near here? KOLIKO KOŠTA SAT VREMENA NA INTERNETU? = How much is it per hour for the Internet?


Paulo Fabiano Langer said...

Hi Marina, here I am again.
I don't know but I feel a little lost with all theses posts.
I really enjoy to learn new languages but I feel more confortable to learn supported by the grammar rules.
I'm trying hard to undertand the language and its rules.
I don't have many problems with the pronunciation. My main problem is to increase my vocabulary.
So, thanks for the posts and just a question? When will you start to talk about the verbs, verbal conjugations, verbal tenses, substantives, adjectives, etc?
Is there a specific ending for verbs, substantives, adjectives, adverbs, etc?

Marina said...

Hi Paulo and thanks for the comment. As you can see, I am a bit lost without the feedback :o( I started this blog mainly as a tool for my online lessons. I used it for recording my voice, posting it on GCast and writing the list of useful words. Since my students are of different levels, I realized that this blog is just the first step. That is why I created Serbian4beginners.blogspot.com, which you already subscribed to. At the moment I am in the process of creating my own site which will be well organized and divided into levels and grammatical points. Nevertheless, I will make one post with verb conjugations for you today. Thanks for following the blog and useful feedback :o)

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