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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Second Conditional in Serbian Language

Ti si _______ čokolada
Ja sam ________ čokolada
I ____ _______ tako mlada,
Ja _______ te __________.

Ja ______ te ________...

Ti si _______ čokolada
Ja sam ________ čokolada,
I ____ _________ onog gada,
Ja _______ te __________.

Ja ______ te ________...

This is a great song to introduce Second Conditional sentences (Potencijalne uslovne rečenice) in the Serbian language. It's useful for you to refer to the Past Tense post, especially the section about forming of the Past Participle (glagolski pridev radni) , which would be essential for the forming of this kind of If-clauses. You can do some drills with these Past Simple exercises beforehand.

Now, for the language theory & grammar buffs:

A. Conditional Tense + If-clause
('DA' + Present Simple)

Ja bih kupila pantalone da imam para.
Kupila bih pantalone da imam para.
Da imam para, kupila bih pantalone.

B. Conditional Tense + If-clause
('KAD/UKOLIKO/AKO' + Conditional Tense)

Ja bih kupila pantalone kad bih imala para.
Kupila bih pantalone kad bih imala para.
Kad bih imala para, kupila bih pantalone.

Conditional Tense:
+ would be ( bih, bi, bi, bismo, biste, bi)
( called 'Aorist of the simple form of the verb 'to be')
+ Past Participle

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